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Cover Loving – Issue #1

So, I’m a total cover nut. If I’m browsing Amazon or FB and I see a gorgeous book cover, I always stop to see what it’s about. If it has a superhero, an assassin (both examples below) then I don’t even read the blurb. If it’s free, I instant buy. If it’s not, I add it to my wish list (I have a set book budget and I like to weigh options to get the most bang for my buck, before spending.)

As a new regular feature for 2016, I’ll be sharing some of the most gorgeous covers I’ve come across lately. If I’ve read that book, I’ll also share a link to the Goodreads page for your reading (or buying) pleasure.


The Golden Owl  To Terminator With Love

^ I really love techie and steampunk book covers. The more inventive the better.

Chronicles of Tournai 1-3

^ I also really love arty covers, especially when they’re “comic” like or artistic.

Druid's Lodge 2 Ocean of Secrets 2

Spell Slave 1-2

Branded - Clare London I Experimented Once in College 2 Project Ordell, by Susanna Hayes Salt and Iron - Tam MacNeil Cover

Torsere Trilogy 2

^ Covers like these, that tell a story or hint at the story within, are just amazing! I love the intrigue.

Swallow You Whole, by Jasper Black


Got any books you want to share? Any books with gorgeous covers that other people should see? Feel free to share with me.


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