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Review Ratings

You may notice the pinned picture on the right of the home page, where it details how I rate my reviews. If you haven’t noticed it, here’s a reminder.

5 – Incredible! A new favourite.

4 – Great! Some small issues, but a great read.

3 – Good potential, good story, just fell short.

2 – Not my cup of tea / too many errors

1 – Did Not Finish / a definite no.


Lately, I’ve had to change this. I rarely rate anything a 1 star. That’s mostly reserved for any book that makes me totally furious or that I don’t finish. Next up, however is the 2 star. If you see my Goodreads page, you’ll notice that I very rarely employ the 2 star rating. However, most recently, I’ve been losing my patience with book.

In the MM genre, I’m noticing a lot of themes –

  • starting a book with a sex scene
  • beginning with 3rd person, singular character POV, then moving on to omni-present POV
  • a strong romance plot, littered with a criminal element
  • one of the MC’s is a sweet, romantic twink while the other is generally the strong, authoritative figure (who I generally find to be an overbearing douche)

So, I’ve given up being nice. I can’t keep rating books on potential and how great other people might find them. I’ve done that in the past for books I didn’t like that much, but that I knew other people would enjoy. When I have “personal” issues with a book – words that make me cringe or unsexy events, plot tropes/cliches that I personally hate – I used to put that all aside and accept that the problems were unique to me, so shouldn’t count towards my review.

But…what I’m noticing more and more is that my “personal” problems are actually cropping up as well used author tropes. They’re constantly being used in various books, as though it’s becoming the norm. This is when I have to stop being nice about my reviews. When my “pet hates” become the norm, I can’t keep silent about not approving of them.

So what does this mean for my reviews?

Probably a lot more negative reviews, as I reach my limit of patience. I’ve become stricter by necessity; misinformed accents, lazy writing, incomplete plots and more. If I’m left asking questions when a book is done (unless in the case of a series – advertised AS a series) then I will be knocking a star off.

This will be my new rating scheme:


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