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Book Review: Too Good To Be True, by Deanna Wadsworth


Author Name: Deanna Wadsworth

Book Name: Too Good To Be True

Series: 1Night Stand

Book: This is Deanna’s 5th offering in this series. Characters from her previous stories have cameos, but book can be read as a standalone.

Release Date: June 17, 2016



Disgraced former FBI agent Tim Burkhart desperately wants to reclaim his life and find happiness. Relocating his fledgling private security company to Miami—where his ex-wife moved their two daughters—hopefully is a start. When he’s hired to provide protection for an antiques dealer on his way to Scotland to sell a priceless ancient dirk, Tim believes the break he’s been waiting for has finally arrived. Maybe now he can make enough money to hire a lawyer and get shared parenting of his little girls. 

Elliot James runs the antique shop he inherited after his grandfather’s death. Lonely and swimming in debt, he longs for a way to turn his life around but keeps making one mistake after another. Then he finds the ancient dirk tucked away among junk as he’s cleaning out his grandfather’s home. Placing it up for sale, he is thrilled when an out of country buyer purchases the priceless antique. The buyer wants the dirk immediately and sends Tim to ensure Elliot safely delivers it on time. 

The moment Tim and Elliot meet, however, everything falls apart. Between break-ins, shoot-outs, stalkers, totaled cars, and the cops, it seems Tim and Elliot will never get to Scotland by the deadline. Despite all the obstacles, an unexpected attraction pulls them together, offering each man a glimmer of hope. But if they don’t deliver the dirk on time, they won’t get paid and neither of them will be able to pick up the pieces of their lives. 

Will they complete this job and find a happily ever after, or is all of this really too good to be true?


Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Cover Artist: Fiona Jade

Pages or Words: 36,000 words

Categories: Light suspense, M/M Romance, Romance


Book – Too Good To Be True (1NightStand)

Author – Deanna Wadsworth

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 118

Cover – Very moody!

POV – 3rd person, dual POV

Would I read it again – Yes!

Genre – LGBT, Gay, Crime, Adventure, Romance


Reading a Deanna Wadsworth story is a little like coming home. The writing style is perfect, the dual POV suits me to a T and the characters are always somehow familiar, but vastly individual and new. Every time I open a new book by Deanna, I know I’m going to smile and laugh and come away feeling better.

Once again, she didn’t disappoint.

Tim is that typical Gaybie – scared, unsure, nervous, questioning every point of contact and every thought. Yet, he’s also trying so hard to be more open and accepting of himself.

Elliot on the other hand, is that out and proud, loveable guy, who is expressive and tender.

Together, they’re this bundle of adorable, cuteness. Tim with his insecurities and his desperate need to finally find a fulfilling relationship; Elliot with his own issues over his epilepsy and his terrible dating track record. They need each other in ways that can’t really be described. Unless you read the book.

I was so happy to see Nick, Paul and Josef again. And that little slip of adding in Travis, John, Marty and Garret in at the end was just amazing!

The way Deanna dealt with the foot fetish was excellent. No shame, not making a joke out of it, but proving that it can be sexy for both men involved. The whole night together, with the foot massage and “special” 😉 was so hot! In a similar way, the very serious topics – epilepsy, dementia, drug use, drug dealing and homophobia (especially in the police/FBI) – were all dealt with sensitively and with passion.

Once again, Madame Eve worked her magic and this pair of loved up, beautiful, heartwarming men were able to find their HEA thanks to her thoughtful connections.

This is one series – and one author – I will never tire of reading.


Favourite Quotes

““I’m going to put it in my foyer,” he said with a sinister laugh.

Hedging, Mr. Strait looked uncertain. “The bedroom is a more appropriate place for this, don’t you think?”

Huh. I didn’t imagine the sixty-nine, then.

The man’s answering bark of laughter drew the attention of several people nearby. “Are you kidding me? When Tristan’s homophobic Southern Baptist mother shows up for Christmas, I want her to see it every morning. The old bitch will be so uncomfortable and have absolutely no idea why. She’ll probably leave before New Year’s.”


“You say one more word and I’ll break your neck and get rid of your body. Google won’t even be able to find you.”


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Deanna Wadsworth might be a bestselling erotica author, but she leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her wonderful husband and a couple adorable cocker spaniels. She has been spinning tales and penning stories since childhood, and her first erotic novella was published in 2010. She has served multiple board positions at her local RWA chapter and with Rainbow Romance Writers of America. When she isn’t writing books or brainstorming with friends, you can find her making people gorgeous in a beauty salon. She loves music and dancing, and can often be seen hanging out on the sandbar in the muddy Maumee River or chilling with her hubby and a cocktail in their basement bar. In between all that fun, Deanna cherishes the quiet times when she can let her wildly active imagination have the full run of her mind. Her fascination with people and the interworkings of their relationships have always inspired her to write romance with spice and love without boundaries.


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You can also find her young adult alter ego, K.D. Worth Facebook Twitter

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