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Origin Story: A Royal Craving

This is a new feature, where I tell you the story of where my novels originally came from. From the first germ of an idea, to the first “written” inception and how it became what it is today, in it’s print form.


A Royal Craving has two main inspirations.


The original story was an inspiration, after I read a Wattpad story by Cold Lady, called ‘He’s My Master’. It’s a decent story, but the whole ‘slave girl and her Master’ never really appealed to me. I decided to write my own, where the girl is brought to the vampire house by circumstance and fears being a slave, only to find love. Thus, Unconditional was born. I had a YA version, totally clean, plus a more heated 18+ version.

MF Tropes

This story inspired me to transform ‘Unconditional’ into an M/M romance. By this time, I’d fallen out of love with MF stories, but the switch was instant, at first. I changed the names and, eventually, the more I read of the MM version, the more the story changed. I removed the extra POV’s, Prosper’s brother ‘Matlock’ and his love interest. I added the pregnancy in more detail, the birth scene and the prophetess, with the scar she placed on Spencer’s palm.


Overall, I hope that what started out as a YA novel to counter the romanticism of slave/master stories, will be enjoyable. It’s undergone substantial re-writes, multiple edits, re-edits and Beta Readers, but I hope it’s a better story for it.



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