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Cover Loving – Issue #2

So, I’m a total cover nut. If I’m browsing Amazon or FB and I see a gorgeous book cover, I always stop to see what it’s about. If it has a superhero, an assassin (both examples below) then I don’t even read the blurb. If it’s free, I instant buy. If it’s not, I add it to my wish list (I have a set book budget and I like to weigh options to get the most bang for my buck, before spending.)

As a new regular feature for 2016, I’ll be sharing some of the most gorgeous covers I’ve come across lately. If I’ve read that book, I’ll also share a link to the Goodreads page for your reading (or buying) pleasure.


13455099 27235430

I love Fairytale inspired covers! They can be bright and mysterious, like ‘Mechanica’ or they can be dark and moody, like ‘Gretel’.

28241924 17211934

Thes two really take advantage of the whole light against dark aspect of a book cover. Notice how they use shade, bright and dark text as well as using light to draw the eye to a focal point in the centre of the cover.

23559647 26036814

Two similar covers, but both with a different impact. On the left, there’s a smoky feel to the image, dark but with light drifting into the forefront. On the right, we have the opposite. Darkness taking over from the small patch of light in the back. Similarly, the figure on the left is more prominent and in more detail, while the right is much more mysterious and unknown.


Got any books you want to share? Any books with gorgeous covers that other people should see? Feel free to share with me.

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