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Book Review: To Terminator, With Love

To Terminator With Love


Dexter Wu’s life is hectic, but he’s managing—mostly. He’s on the verge of finishing grad school, and that means putting the final touches on his number one project: HAL, a social robot and children’s storytelling companion. But his best friend is leaving the country for good, his birthday’s coming up, he’s swamped with studying for finals, and he hasn’t slept in days.

He’s also going to destroy the world.

At least, his robot is, according to the possibly untrustworthy Agency, an organization whose mission is to protect the world at all costs. After his birthday party turns into a fight for his life, Dexter’s simple life of fast food and Netflix binges is replaced by a glitchy oracle, the world’s douchiest secret agents, and an ever-increasing chain of conspiracies.

With the help of Andre, a mysterious and disenchanted young agent turned rogue, Dexter sets out to plead his case to the Director in an effort to get his life back to what counts as normal—but he should know by now nothing is ever so easy.


Book – To Terminator, With Love

Author – Wes Kennedy

Star rating – ★★★★★

No. of Pages – 152

Cover – Great!

POV – 3rd person, 1 POV

Would I read it again – Yes

Genre – LGBT, Asexual, Action/Adventure


I absolutely loved this! Not only does it reference all the Classic Geek movies that are close to my heart, but it does so with the appropriate respect and detail that I would expect of another geek.

There was a really wide range of characters here – fat, out of shape and geeky Dexter; the African American, gun toting agent, with a massive Sci-fi movie collection, Andre; the Indian best friend, with a killer cutting glare, Sandhya. Their personalities were just as diverse as their backgrounds, but I really loved that we had some realistic variety and it wasn’t just the typical Bond style of perfect white guy that is so common.

Also, totally loved that the out of shape fat kid was the MC hero! Awesome! Dexter is by far my favourite character. The “whole fat geek, who might accidentally destroy the world, but could be the hero” vibe really worked for me. Also – college kids as heroes? As kickass Secret Agents? Yes!

There was action, there was adventure, there were robots! What more can a geeky girl ask for? Well, I wanted romance and got it, I wanted humour and it was there in buckets full. I got everything I could have wanted and more from this super incredible story. As the author helpfully pointed out, it’s a little like a cross between Terminator and Minority Report.

On the down side? Not much. A few spelling/grammar issues and one inconsistency (We’re told the bus leaves every six minutes, but that they have ten minutes to get to it before it leaves and the next one wouldn’t arrive for another hour. Kind of confusing).


There was nothing I didn’t love about this. Geeks. Movies. Adventure. Danger. Romance. And an MC who is asexual. Perfect!


Favourite Quote

I had so many of these marked off that I had to choose carefully which ones to add here, because adding them all would add another page to my review.

“He wouldn’t be Jar Jar Binks; he would be Neville Longbottom.”

“So what if he was a loser? If there was one thing movies had taught him, it was that losers did amazing things all the time. Losers were only losers until they chose to be heroes.”



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