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WIP Spotlight: Some Beautiful Boy

I’ve been scrolling through my current Works in Progress, to see what I might be able to share with you. Some Beautiful Boy is a may-december LGBT romance.



Leigh never thought that one mistake could affect his life in such a way that nothing would ever be the same again. He never thought that a break up would be the best thing that ever happened to him. And he never even suspected that meeting a French Maid at a Halloween party would turn his life upside down.


Some Beautiful Boy

A May-December Romance


They’re not women’s clothes. They’re my clothes. I bought them.

~ Eddie Izzard


Chapter 1


Leigh felt like shit.

He wiped his mouth and leaned on the plant pot he’d just puked in. It smelled of coconut, which he assumed was due to that fancy drink his brother had pushed on him. He was going to kill him, just as soon as he stopped seeing double.

He felt lower than low and hoped he could pass out soon, so that he wouldn’t have to think about anything or remember.

His life was chaotic and he was just beginning to find his feet again when Shane did this to him. A fucking fancy dress Halloween part, in a frat house. Why had he bothered agreeing?

This was no place for a forty-year-old. Hell, he expected to be married with a couple of kids by now, settled into a comfortable life, with at least one bundle of joy to come home to. Leigh had planned it all, when he was barely eighteen; he left school early to take the job he had with a law firm, who needed a computer geek who could speak the lingo. When they found computers during cases, he was the one they turned to to evaluate ownership, find documents or retrieve information.

A few years later, he’d been promoted, then head hunted by a major corporate tech firm, where he honed and perfected his skills, becoming a certified computer systems analyst. It wasn’t a bad job, paid good money and it would have secured a good future for him and the future Mrs Lenhart. That was the ultimate goal. To be comfortable and happy.

But, that was all down the drain now. He was a forty-year-old singleton. He was over the hill, getting a little chubby, due to long hours in an office chair, and the only thing he had going for him was good genes. His father had given him that thick dark hair, so even though there were a few greys popping in, they were disguised by the black.

What a brilliant legacy to leave.

Single, alone and pathetic, but at least he wasn’t bald.

Leigh scoffed, as his eyes drooped with fatigue. He’d have been fine sitting at home, reading a book or doing some paperwork. Anything but attending a frat party with his twenty-four year old layabout brother, who insisted he get ‘back on the saddle’ of his dating life.

Yeah, like that was going to happen here.

Twenty-year-old kids running around getting high or drunk, snogging against every surface, slipping into a stranger’s room to fuck and fool around. This was no place for an adult, looking to settle down. And that was part of the problem; he’d agreed because he was in desperate need of a distraction. What he got was a headache from the smell of pot and the thumping music, images burned into his brain that he would never scrub out and being screamed at, when he went looking for the bathroom to throw up his guts, only to walk in on two kids fucking like rabbits against the counter.

He’d taken that as his cue to leave and only just reached the plant pot in time. Closing his eyes, he wondered if frat parties ever got busted by the cops. The last thing he needed was to be arrested at a kegger, because two dozen kids were having a pot party. He’d lose his job in a heartbeat and he couldn’t risk it. He’d already lost his dignity; his job was the last good thing left.


For the longest time, Leigh drifted in and out of a drunken consciousness. When he was finally compos mentis enough to check his watch, his bleary eyes told him he’d fallen asleep against the plant pot. He’d been out of it for an hour.

Time to go home.

He was about to see if his legs would hold his weight, when he felt gentle hands brushing the sweaty hair back from his eyes. A cold cloth wiped at his mouth and slowly drifted over his face, cleaning up the mess he’d made.

He couldn’t remember the last time someone had taken care of him.

Leigh could sort of hear someone talking quietly into his ear, encouraging him to drink from a glass, then to use it to rinse his mouth out. He acted on autopilot, doing what they asked of him and letting himself lose control of the situation, for just a moment. It wouldn’t matter if it was alcohol or water and he wasn’t conscious enough to think about drugs or the risk of swapping saliva with one of these kids.

He leaned his shoulder on the wall and let those soft hands take care of him. When he felt more like himself, and less like a zombie, he squinted his eyes open. He couldn’t see much, except a pretty face and big brown eyes.

“I’m Adrianne. Well, Ade. Can you tell me your name?” the girl asked, her voice sweet and light.

“Leigh,” he croaked, now relieved for the drink he’d taken before speaking. His throat ached and burned from throwing up. But, at least he’d made sense.

“Okay Leigh, I’m going to go through your pockets to find your ID card. Then I’ll try get you back to your dorm,” she said, hands already reaching for his jeans.

He wanted to laugh. Dorm? Really? There was no way he looked young enough to be a student. “No dorm. Don’t live here,” he got out, in argument. He was only here because of his stupid, idiotic, brother. He reached into his back jean pocket, but couldn’t get his hands to obey his wishes.

Ade did it for him; she slipped a gentle hand into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, careful not to jostle him too much.

He watched, blearily, as she read his address and stood up. Her long pins were right in front of his face, leading down to six inch heels and up to a mini-skirt that barely covered anything. He chose not to look under the skirt, though his vantage point was perfect for that. She was going to rescue him, so he decided to be a gentleman.

“Okay, this isn’t that far. I can walk you or you can put your life in my hands and I can drive. I haven’t passed my test yet, but I’ve got a provisional license,” she admitted, with a giggle.

It was a sound that made Leigh smile; so beautiful and innocent. God, how long had it been since anything had been beautiful or innocent? “I can handle a rookie for one night,” he agreed, glad to hear her laughter again.

She helped him to his feet and Leigh noticed that she was wearing a French maid’s outfit. She suited it and the colours complimented her dark hair, hanging over her shoulder in light waves. This girl was a real stunner and sweet to boot, which wasn’t a combination he’d come across often.

“Nice outfit, by the way. Not everyone can pull it off. But you’ve got great legs.” He managed to string an entire sentence together, without making a fool of himself. It was, after all, Halloween, so he didn’t think he’d get in trouble for the compliment.

Ade laughed again, linking her arm through his, as she helped him up. “Why thank you,” she said, with a hint of flirtation. Unless he was imagining it; and that was a definite possibility.

Still feeling unsteady and like he might pass out in a drunken mess any moment, Leigh let Ade steady him all the way down the stairs and out the front door of the frat house. Once they reached the front path, his legs had stopped shaking and he was able to hold most of his own weight. Which was probably just as well. This girl couldn’t be much more than ten stone and tall enough to make her look smaller.

The nurturer inside of him wanted to suggest they stop off and buy her a really greasy, fattening chippy, just to put some meat on her bones. The sensible part said he’d better get home before he crashed and this poor girl thought she had no choice but to try to lift him. That really wouldn’t go down well.

When they reached the hard concrete of a parking lot, Leigh leaned against the red pick up truck Ade guided him to. As she released him and unlocked the doors, he scolded himself for the immediate thought that came to him; he hadn’t expected a nice girl like this to own such a masculine truck.

He was such a hypocrite. And a sexist, which most people would think typical of his age bracket. But he’d been raised better than that.

“Can you get my house keys, before we get in?” he asked, leaning against the cab of the truck, as he reached around and tried to find his back pocket.

Ade rushed to his side, high heels clicking off the ground, then a hand slipped into his back pocket without a single ounce of hesitation. “Got them,” she announced, extracting her hand so slowly that it shot tingles through his entire body.

Leigh tried desperately not to react, as she held them out for him to take. He gave her a nod of thanks, then let her bundle him into the passenger seat.

He must have fallen asleep at one point, in between giving directions and answering Ade’s soft questions of whether he felt okay. Her sweet apologies, as they bumped over the crap road outside his house made him smile. It wasn’t her fault the council were a load of shit and wouldn’t resurface it, to make it safer.

His door was opened, just as he realised where they were, but he wasn’t capable of stopping the inevitable. He fell to the side, practically out of the door, until Ade caught him and pushed him back into a seated position. She was stronger than he thought.

“Thanks peaches.” He smiled and tried to keep his mouth shut, so that the stench of ‘old sick’ attached to his breath didn’t knock her out.

Ade steadied him, by holding his arm, as he slipped his feet onto the road and finally left his seat. “There. Now, give me your keys,” she insisted, holding out one hand.

Leigh handed them over willingly, unable to get his thoughts together long enough to figure out which of the five keys did what. So he watched Ade, as she rifled through them and discounted two smaller keys, for his bike and his locker at work. They walked up the front path together, Ade holding him up, and it took her two tries to find the right key to unlock the front door.

“Well done,” he said, not feeling at all sarcastic. Right now, he was looking at two front doors, so the fact that she got the right key was more than he could have managed.

Ade laughed again, bringing an automatic smile to his lips, as she helped him in the front door and along the corridor.

“The next door down.” He directed her, pointing to the bedroom door. Not that a process of elimination would have taken long. There were only two doors at this part of the corridor, which took a sharp left into the kitchen and a minuscule bathroom. A tiny house for a small man; four rooms and one lone occupant.

Seeing this stunning woman in his pathetic house, Leigh was overcome with shame. He followed her into his bedroom and let her soft hands guide him onto the bed. It was so humiliating to look around here and know the truth. This place wasn’t good enough for any woman, never mind one as nice as Ade.

He used to have a beautiful home; sash windows, a huge living room, a study, a library and more bedrooms than he needed. With his salary, it hadn’t been hard to find what he was looking for in the heart of Edinburgh. But that was all gone now. Along with his dignity and his dreams.

“Are you okay now?” Ade asked, in a whisper.

Unable to sink any lower, Leigh reached out and wrapped his arm around her skinny waist. “Will you stay with me?”

“Leigh, I’d love to. You’re a really sweet guy, but you’re not exactly thinking straight,” she said, sounding so logical and smart.

Regardless, he urged her closer and sighed, as he closed his eyes. “Just lie with me? I don’t want to be on my own,” he admitted, afraid of what he might do if he woke up and realised that his shitty life hadn’t become any better.

“Fine. But you should let me sober you up,” she encouraged.

That wasn’t going to happen. Even before Leigh felt the dip in the bed, he could feel himself falling asleep. The booze had done some good, after all.


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