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Reviewing Policy


Where I Review: My Blog, Divine Magazine, Goodreads

All reviews are posted to Amazon UK, US, CA as well as Goodreads and the blog, according to request. Other sites are options, at the request of the author/publisher.

What I Review: M/M Romance (all sub-genres)

MF or non-Romance – Science Fiction, Murder Mystery, Historical Fiction


How to get in touch: PM me on Facebook, Send a message through my blog – – Or request my e-mail address through a PM, with the reason for your request.


What do you need to do?

Gifted copies, in return for an honest review, are of course accepted. However, I am willing – with some warning – to buy my own copy if it is available through PayPal.

A reasonable time frame must be offered. I cannot guarantee that I will have time to read a 200+ page book within 1-2 days. My schedule is booked in advance, through Divine Magazine and books I’ve requested from Netgalley, so slotting in a long book/novel is not ideal. There will be very RARE circumstances where this will be possible. Preferably, 1-2 weeks notice is required for any book over 50 pages.

When requesting a review, please send me one of the following –
An Amazon link which contains the title, cover, blurb and word/page count
A Goodreads link which contains the title, cover, blurb and word/page count.

One is required, both are helpful. If the book is an ARc, then I need this information sent in a PM or e-mail, at the very least. Cover is optional, but the word/page count and blurb are an absolutely must.


Finally, is there is a deadline for your review – a release date or time frame you want the review posted – please let me know. I work better to deadlines, otherwise books with deadlines will be placed in priority positions and those without will be more likely to be pushed back, due to unexpected life/work events.


I do NOT get paid for my reviews. Neither through my blog, Netgalley or Divine Magazine, do I receive a penny for my reviews. All reviews will be rated honestly and in full (at least 1 page, unless for a <100 page book). I do not accept requests as to what to include or not to include and I will not hand my review over to be “checked” or “approved” before posting. Please don’t ask me to do any of that.

I do not *ever* change my review, by request of an author or publisher, unless a glaringly stupid mistake in character/author name or a spoiler needs to be fixed/removed. I do not re-read books after giving an unfavourable review, in case I might change my mind (I won’t) or re-read anything that has been re-released or re-edited. I will mark out errors in ARc’s, but I will not consider them in my final rating, unless they affect the quality of writing or reading. All reviews are final.

My ratings are:
5 – Incredible! A new favourite.
4 – Great! Some small issues, but a great read.
3 – Good potential, good story, just fell short.
2 – Not my cup of tea/too many errors.
1 – DNF/a definite no.



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