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Getting to Know…Rebecca Gibson

  • What can you tell me about yourself? Well, I’m a 24 year old Historical Fiction author from Cornwall, UK. I have a non-identical twin sister and am currently studying for a master’s degree in Creative Writing. I’m also a lifestyle blogger who writes about mental health and occasionally gives writing advice.
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now? Successful, or at least on the road to being successful. At the beginning of this year I was in a bad place. I realised my life was going in a direction I wasn’t happy with so I did a few drastic things to change it (you know, quitting my job, resigning myself to poverty…that kind of thing). I’ve found who I really am this year and feel much happier already. Hopefully in five years’ time I’ll have built on this even further, have a few more books out, and be earning a decent wage from writing. That’s the dream!

  • What motivates you? The drive to be successful…and prove people wrong. I want to prove to everyone who said I can’t, that I can. I also want to be successful for myself. I want to be completely happy with who I am and the choices I’ve made.

  • What are you working on at the minute? Lots of things! I’m currently editing my WW1 novel Rubies Fall, which is the sequel of my debut novel Diamonds Fall, and is due out in November. I’m also editing a novella which is coming out in an anthology soon (can’t giveaway too much info on this yet but stay tuned!). Oh, and there’s a kind of post-apocalyptic novel I’m planning/ writing as well. Phew.

  • What is the strangest thing you’ve ever researched? Oh man, there’s so many. I don’t exactly shy away from gore or emotional trauma so I have to make sure all that stuff is accurate. “How long does someone stay unconscious if they’re hit over the head?”, “what happens to someone if they’re blown up?”, “how to make a grenade from a jam tin”…you know, fun things like that. I’m surprised the police don’t have me on a watch list to be honest.

  • Do you let the book stew – leave it for a month and then come back to it to edit? YES!! I would definitely advise everyone to do this. If you rush the edits straight after writing a book, you’ll miss loads because you’re still in the book (if that makes sense). If you remove yourself from it for a month you’ll be going through it with fresh eyes.

  • Do you read much and, if so, who are your favourite authors? I read less than I’d like to but I do try to read as much as I can. My favourite series to come back to will always be Harry Potter because I grew up with them. However my favourite writer is the poet Wilfred Owen. He told the truth about the First World War in a time when the truth wasn’t really allowed. I love his work, especially his poem Dulce Decorum Est, which is about a gas attack he witnessed. Lovely.

  • Favourite TV show for inspiration/distraction? Erm…I love Gavin and Stacey which is a British sitcom. I also love Archer and pretty much any period drama (except Downton, never got into that!).

  • For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or traditional paper/hardback books? TRADITIONAL. For travelling, e-books are amazing, but you can’t beat a good ol’ paperback in your hands.

  • What are you reading at present? Nothing. How sad is that? Other than my own stuff that I’m editing of course. I have a huge TBR list though and I think Red Queen is next.

  • What is your favourite book and why? I kind of hate this question because there are so many books I absolutely love. The one I always quote though is All Quiet on the Western Front, mainly because it was such a raw and honest story. It’s set in the First World War which is a period of history I am really interested in and it’s just a good read.

  • Pen, type writer or computer? Computer. Imagine editing a handwritten piece? You’d have to rewrite the entire thing for every error, no thanks 😛

  • Do you write alone or in public? Alone. I’m an introvert; I have issues with people looking over my shoulder as I write so I try to write alone. I have done workshops before and they were great but yeah…loner right here.

  • Music or silence? Music.

  • Goals of certain # of words a week or when inspiration strikes? Goals. I think if you wait for inspiration all the time, you’ll never get anything finished. I just crack on with it and purge the rubbish in the editing phase.

  • If you could spend time with a character from (any of) your book/s whom would it be? And what would you do during that day? Hmm…tricky. I love the MC of Rubies Fall, he’s called Gray (Grayson if you’re formal but he hates that!) and his best friend Jen so…can I have both of them? We’d go shopping, then for lunch, then to an awfully posh party of some kind.

  • What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author? When someone told me (when my book was still being written) that the beginning was boring. I then went and deleted the first three chapters completely because I realised they were un-necessary. What’s now the opening line (“A whip cracked. The sound reverberated through the air like a gunshot.”) was midway through chapter three originally. Criticism is rough, I want to think my work’s great, but it’s important to make sure I take it well. Not everyone will like me, fun fact of life. Whilst people being deliberately mean still happens, I can always find things within a bad review I can use for future work to make my writing better. I’m not perfect and I never will be, that’s part of the fun!

  • What has been the best compliment? Someone recently asked if I was the apprentice of JK Rowling…that was cool.

  • What is something memorable you have heard from your readers/fans? I think just hearing from people that have connected with my characters is memorable. People don’t tell authors that enough but I always remember it because it means so much to me.

  • What do you love most about the writing process? The actual writing. I always plan my novels out chapter by chapter to set the foundation. After that, when I can just go for it and write, it’s like being set free. I love that stage.

  • Do you have a day job in addition to being a writer? If so, what do you do during the day? I am a master’s student at the moment so that will keep me preeeeeeeetty busy. I did have a job working for a British airline on their social media team but I quit…awkward.

  • What do your friends and family think of your writing? They were cautious at first but once they realised this was it for me and I really REALLY wanted to make it work, they were on board. There’s still the odd few haters, but haters gunna hate.

  • What character in your book/s are you least likely to get along with? Tom and Trevor Prince. They’re evil, and not in an “ohh you’re so naughty” kind of way…I’m talking pure evil.

  • Do you think that giving books away free works and why? Nope, but maybe I’m just tight. Here’s the way I look at it, if people can get it free they won’t pay for it later. I spent two years writing and editing Diamonds Fall. I’ve literally put everything into my writing. It’s my life, my passion, and my business. Why would I give that away for free? On occasion as part of giveaways, sure, but I think if people want authors to keep writing books, they should be willing to pay for them. That’s just my opinion though.

  • How do you relax? Read, drink tea, watch movies, listen to good tunes (not all at once…that would be strange).

  • What advice would you give to your younger self? Stop letting everyone tell you who you should be. Listen to the country songs, wear your hair big, and write!

  • So, what have you written? 

Historical Fiction: Diamonds Fall (Diamonds Fall, Rubies Fall), After the Noise Dies


  • How can readers discover more about you and your work? Where can we buy or see them?


Website            Tumblr            Facebook            Twitter            Pinterest            Amazon US Author Page            Goodreads


Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.



Rebecca M. Gibson grew up in Cornwall, UK where inspiration was never hard to come by. From writing ghost stories on her mum’s computer, to completing her first novel, stories have always interested her.
Fascinated by letters and poems written in the First World War, she tries to understand the complexities of emotion and the phenomenal strength of the human mind…or at least, that’s her justification for giving her characters more than their fair share of turmoil. She studied for a Psychology Degree at Aberystwyth University, although being a novelist has always been her dream.


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