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How to: Create an International SmartURL for Amazon Author Pages

Something I’ve noticed in the author world is that no one ever has a universal link for Amazon. There are SmartURL’s for books and series, but as far as I’ve seen, I’m about the only one who has one for their Author page too.
You *can* actually make a SmartURL for ALL of your International Amazon Author pages. It’s fiddly, to start with, but once you have one, you never have to do it again. It’s definitely not mandatory, but it’s good to have and it’s also really helpful to your international readers.
I can’t tell you how many times that I couldn’t find a book, because the author only gave out a US link. Sometimes it has that handy “see this book on the UK site” link, but most often it doesn’t and you have to search the IBSN/ASIN to get the right book. A lot of readers won’t do that or won’t know to do that. This way it’s all simple and easy – for you and them.
Even if you don’t want to do every country, try to at least add the three top choices – UK, US, CA. I’d add AU, FR and DE, if you’re an Encompass author, because those are big hitters for MM books and where I usually rank first. Different genres do better in different countries and your rankings will tell you which are best to focus on, if you want to hand pick your options.
Here’s how to do it –
Open up SmartURL (, join or log in depending on what you need to do, then click create SmartURL. (If you’re not sure how to use SmartURL, I have a How To here)
Insert your home author page – e.g. UK, US etc. The one that displays your picture, bio and books. It will automatically fill in any blanks it can – mine did US and CA.
Next, go to each of Amazon’s sites and search for your author name. When you have the search page, if there is no author page available (DE, FR, JP, IN all create one automatically) then use the search URL. (Just insert the link into the link box, add the initials for the country, which will be shown in your URL and then click the orange + to get a new line)
This works! I’ve done it for every country, so that whenever someone clicks on my SmartURL, they’re taken to the search/Author Page for my books in whatever country they’re in.
Here are all the country links –
For an example, here’s mine –
For those interested, I hope this helps. Like I said, it’s not something you NEED to have, but SmartURL is a really handy tool to use whenever you can, to make your life easier.

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