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Book Review: Poison Tongue, by Nash Summers



Levi Bell can see a person’s soul just by looking into their eyes. In Monroe Poirier’s eyes, he sees the devil himself.

When Monroe moves back to the small Southern town of Malcome, Levi is repelled by the darkness of the stranger’s soul. But Levi is cursed to love things dark and wicked, and he’s seduced each time he looks into Monroe’s eyes—and drawn to the swamp behind the old Poirier house.

As strange occurrences begin to happen when shadows and visions visit him in the night, Levi sees a flicker of something good in Monroe’s soul. But the need to submerge himself in the swamp’s murky waters grows stronger as Levi’s desire for Monroe becomes unbearable.

In his struggles to help Monroe save his soul, Levi will have to decide if it’s worth losing his own.


Book – Poison Tongue (Afflicted Souls #1)
Author – Nash Summers
Star rating – ★★★★★
No. of Pages – 200

Cover – Gorgeous!
POV – 1st person, one character POV
Would I read it again – Yes.

Genre – LGBT, Voodoo, Paranormal, Ghost, Spiritual, MM, Romance

Reviewed for Divine Magazine

This was an adventure and a half.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of 1st person and this story has an example of why. It took 3% for us to find out “our” (the MC’s) name and gender. There was no other indication until that point of who “we” were supposed to be, how old, what “we” looked like or who “we” were. It made that first 3% more difficult to visualise.

However, other than that, this was a fantastic glimpse into the bayou, voodoo and the supernatural prospect of being able to see someone’s soul through their eyes. Levi was an intriguing character that held my attention the whole way through. He was smart, witty and captivating to read, while having a morbid fascination with ‘death’ and the swamp. His dreams, nightmares and fears were all laid out for us to witness, allowing us a deeper insight into his needs and psyche.

Similarly, Monroe was just as intriguing. Full of darkness, but with a sparkle of light, he was often more than Levi could handle. Yet, the fact that they worked so well together, bringing darkness and pain to each other that they reveled in, really worked.

The relationship between the MC’s isn’t your cookie cutter damned-man and rescuer. It’s more equal than that. With Monroe dirtying up Levi’s already dark soul with more burning desire than he can stand. While Levi brings light and a little bit of justification to Monroe’s darkness; an excuse and ample opportunity to let that darkness out.

The storytelling was fantastic, I didn’t notice any grammar/spelling issues which is a miracle, and all of the side characters had their place. There wasn’t anyone who was useless, any situation that was ridiculous or unimaginable, and no question left unanswered. I really loved the depth of exploration into the practice of hoodoo/voodoo and the way that it was shown in a positive light, without sugar coating the risks, dangers and responsibilities it entails.

Overall, it was a perfect blend of dropping us into the darkness of the swamp and making us love it. Crave it. And wait with baited breath for book two.


Favourite Quotes

“He was cataclysmically handsome. But the wicked things always were.”

“I hoped my soul would forgive me for giving my heart to the devil.”

““I’ll never let anyone hurt you, Levi.”
“I know,” I replied breathlessly.
He licked up the back of my neck, pressed his lips to my ears. “No one but me.””



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