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About Me: Little Known Facts

I’m not a secretive person by any degree, but there are some things that I consider obvious about me that I don’t talk about often enough for you all to know them. So here’s a little Sharing is Caring, to let you get to know me a little more.

1 – I don’t go to the cinema. This is partly because it’s just so damned expensive nowadays and it’s so much cheaper to wait until the movie comes onto Sky or is released on DVD. It’s partly because watching a movie at home is much more convenient, because you can pause it, there are no crowds, you can eat your own snacks and change your mind if you don’t like it. But, a lot of it is actually one thing that most people don’t think about – the risk of infection. With my rotten immune system, I’m twice as more likely to get sick from visiting a cinema screening room. I still remember being advised not to go, when I was in the hospital with cancer. Cinemas were a hive of human activity – sneezing, coughing, and even just the regular germs of people who have a cold and don’t know it yet. Catching that kind of stuff can make me really sick, especially if kids have chicken pox and are allowed out regardless (or if they don’t know yet), because then I get a very serious and painful form of shingles. When you consider all of that, it’s just not worth it.

2 – I’m a collector. I always have been. It started when I was little and started getting those magazines that allowed you to collect things. The big one I remember was for The Lion King, which let me put together those little paper statues that slot together. lol. Then I progressed onto the Poirot magazines that gave you a DVD with each issue, then the Agatha Christie book magazine, which gave you every book by Agatha Christie with the original cover. After that, I moved onto the Marvel Movie Collection magazine that is currently running, where you get a figure of a Marvel Movie character, heroes and villains included. I also have a collection of Marilyn Monroe images, calendars and memorabilia. I have a collection of Disney Tradition ornaments and so much more. It’s like an addiction, but nowhere near as bad as a hoarder, I promise.

3 – I admire Winston Churchill. I’m not going to get into his politics, but I admire the man and the way he fought for his country. I have a small collection of magnets that are quotes of his most memorable, outspoken moments.

4 – I love Ancient Egypt. When I was younger, I collected a magazine that gave you a cast of monuments, ornaments and Ancient Egypt related articles. I had a huge collection of historical books and ornaments. I studied everything I could about the time of the Pharaohs, even using it for class talks and projects. I was a little obsessive.

5 – I know all the words to my favourite songs, but I cheated. When I was younger, I would buy an album, play it on repeat and lie on my bed listening to it while reading the lyrics inside the slip case booklet. I would read and listen until I knew every word by heart. Now, I know them so well that I still remember every word.

6 – Following on from 5, I have to admit that I have a really stupid memory. I still remember all those song lyrics, I know movies and songs inside out. It’s at the stage where someone can ask me who was in ‘that’ film and I can rhyme off a half dozen options. I can tell you the name of the song, the lyrics to or the singer attached to which song, the actor in the movie we’re watching who was also in a half dozen others. I can tell you where every DVD in the house is and, at the shop, I can tell you if we own a DVD already or not. Yet, on any given day of the week, I can walk into a room and forget why I’m there. I can’t tell you what I did yesterday or five minutes ago. I can’t remember three weeks ago, five years ago or ten years ago. I still have no idea why it’s that way, but that is the weirdness of my brain.

7 – I’m a conspiracy theorist. I absolutely believe that Marilyn Monroe was murdered, that there is something seriously wrong with what we know about JFK’s assassination. I don’t settle myself on one theory, because I’m a knowledge junkie and I’m happy to explore all options. All I know is that there’s something hinky about both of them – and so many more cases, like JonBenet Ramsey, Madeline McCann – that don’t sit well with me. I want to know why and it’s unlikely that I iwll ever know the full story.

8 – There are so many classic movies and TV shows that I’ve never seen. Things like The Shining, Carrie, The Great Escape, Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon and so many more. There are some huge books that I’ve never read and don’t plan to. Mostly, this is due to disinterest – some of them just aren’t my cup of tea. I don’t watch scary movies anymore, I’m far too busy to catch up on all the books/movies/TV shows that I’ve missed. And, to be honest, I’m not a ‘follow the crowd’ person. Just because everyone else loves it and tells me I ‘have’ to see it, doesn’t mean I will. Shows like House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Quantico, to name a few, aren’t really in my wheelhouse. I’m quite happy being the weirdo black sheep.

9 – I’m a restless multitasker. I can only read one book at a time, but I often stop in the middle of a chapter or book, if I’m tired or ‘restless’, to do other things. Sometimes I’m lying in bed, at 1am, and stop reading to rearrange the entire four bookcases within my room. I am never happy with them, especially as new books are added. Yet, even though I can’t read two books at once, I can write 2 at once and edit 2 at the same time. In fact, right now, I’m editing one book (A Royal Promise), while writing another (A Royal Miracle) and reading at least one short story a night, sometimes three. Again, my weirdo brain at work.

10 – I’m am completely, entirely unashamed of ALL of the above. I’m a proud geek, collector and freakazoid. I own my weirdness and love it.


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