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Article Reblog: On Men Getting Raped

via On Men Getting Raped. And Abused. And More. (Trigger Warning) | Ferrett Steinmetz

This is such a sensitive and delicate subject, but it doesn’t need to be. If people were more willing to discuss male rape and male domestic abuse then there would be more widespread understanding, less stigma attached to the victims and more men would come forward to speak up and be heard. To be seen!

I know someone who has undergone extensive, brutal domestic violence. He’s a man. He’s smart and bright and brilliant in many ways, but he’s also been stepped on, treated appallingly, raped, beaten and used in more ways than most of us could imagine. He is still, after speaking to police, therapists and advisers, after having his partner reported and a restraining order put in place, suffering the stigma of being a male victim of rape and domestic abuse. People just don’t understand what he wasn’t “strong” enough, why he didn’t “stand up” for himself. They don’t say that to women. Why should we say it to men?

If we open our eyes and ears to this silent violence that surrounds us – where the victims are too terrified or coerced into staying silent for the safety of others or in fear of being killed – then we can tell them…

We see you.

We hear you.

We will keep you safe.

We will help you heal.


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