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How To: Overcome Writer’s Block – Part 1

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5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

A half serious attempt at fixing the age old problem of writer’s block.

Lily Wasserman

Lily Wasserman

Writer’s block is hard, if not impossible, to deal with. I can’t count the number of paper’s I’ve scrapped and restarted in an attempt to turn something in, or given up altogether if it is just for my own personal writing. Here are some, albeit not completely serious, ways to get over/deal with writer’s block.

1. Cry. A lot.

Seriously, let all that stress and frustration out and just cry. Maybe you’ll cry enough to get past the writer’s block, or maybe you’ll just have a good cry. In any case, make sure you drink some water after so all that crying doesn’t dehydrate you.


2. Write anyway and hope that somehow through sheer force of will you break through the writer’s block.

This is a skill I have yet to have mastered. Maybe I don’t have the force of will yet, maybe my brain isn’t so friendly with me. Who knows? To those of you who can pull this off, congrats, that is pretty rad. When I try to pull this off, I often end up even deeper in the pit of writer’s block hell.


3. Procrastinate.

This one doesn’t really need much of a description. If it isn’t working, doing something else just might help, or it will simply just delay the process. If you’re on a tight schedule, maybe the panic that will set in the night before some writing is due will help boost that inspiration. Not the most recommended route, but hey, you do you.


4. Use writing prompts to get you started– the weirdest ones you can find.

Some of the writing prompts out there are wild to say the least. You probably won’t even get to writing them, but reading them will surely give you a laugh and a lot to think about–who knows, maybe it will somehow jumpstart your brain? Who knows what exactly those strange prompts will do…


5. Move the animal currently sleeping on your keyboard off and begin to write.

We all know animals secretly plan to make sure we can’t get any work done ever. Okay, maybe that’s not such a secret plan. Someone of them, mostly cats in my experience, will flat out sit on the keyboard or computer to make sure that you are blocked from writing and must pay sole attention to them. We must do what we can, move the animal, and persevere into the world of writing despite their wishes.


Writer’s block is incredibly frustrating and I have yet to find a really good answer on how to solve it. For now, just enjoy this article that will hopefully provide some entertainment.



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