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Current WIP’s: The Series Edition

I don’t often talk about my works in progress here on the blog, mostly because I don’t want to over-do the whole “read my work” gambit. But, today that’s what I’m going to show you…what I’m working on for the second half of 2017. I’ve been expanding my horizons, both on what genres I’m writing and how I’m adapting my editing and cover making skills. So here are a few stories that I’m hoping to work on this year, for potential 2018/2019 release.


The “By Appointment Only” series is a soft-BDSM series of (hopefully) six novels. Currently, Books 1 and 2 are already complete and I have solid plans for books 3 and 4. As yet, Books 5 and 6 are only general theories, because of the number of side-characters who I want to give a story to.


Book One: Grace

Mexico…the one nightmare he can’t escape.

Cale never knew that one word would give him nightmares, cause insomnia or jeopardise his relationship with his brother, Waylan. It’s hard enough for him to have a boss and brother who are the same person, but when his fear and insomnia gets in the way of his work life, it’s clear that therapy isn’t working.

After three years with no success, Cale and his therapist come to an agreement. Therapy isn’t working…yet. His therapist, Valentine, has a new plan. One that involves a questionnaire, a secret club and a whole lot of uncomfortable questions.

Can Cale learn how to become a submissive for the therapist he’s been drooling over for three years? Or will the fear of finally admitting what happened in Mexico keep them apart, forever?


The “Tales of Talyn” Series is a sci-fi, paranormal, mpreg series that takes place in space. Dealing with creatures far into the future, the series currently sits at one completed novel and half of Book 2 written. I have solid plans for the rest of Book 2 and a vague idea of Book 3. But, as with most of my writing, this series tells me where it wants to go as I’m writing, so I have no doubts that the plans for Book 3 will solidify as I finish Book 2.


Book One: Where the Stars are Laid to Rest

Vocation Day has finally arrived and eighteen year old Kagen is ready to face his destiny. As a male Z’ho’eb, a feline race, he is the perfect candidate for his ideal profession: life giver. Destined and prepared to spend his life bearing children to the mate assigned to him, an unexpected result on Vocation Day changes all of his plans.

No longer to be assigned a mate by the Vocation Council, as tradition dictates, Kagen is sent to the auction house, Otor Tarni. Kagen’s extremely rare health codex will guarantee the laws of good treatment are abided by, but he must first survive the auction, selling him to the highest bidder.

With love, a child and his future at stake, can Kagen navigate the realities of life as a life giver, without sacrificing his dreams along the way?


The “Creatures of the Night” series came about by accident. I wrote the first book as a solo novel, then realised that Book 3, which had been a solo novel years ago, fitted perfectly into the universe, so I decided to expand it. Books 2 and 4 were also well conceptualised by the time I decided to put them into this series. Book 5 is, as yet, unwritten, but the rest are complete, and I have contemplated writing another book, perhaps even making Through His Veins into Book 6, while adding in an intermediate novel Hunting Renaii, but that’s just in the “concept” stage, right now.


Book One: A Touch of Danger

The creatures of the night will welcome him home.

A college frat house, shrouded with rumours about illegal exotic animals becomes the centre of Drew’s world. Dragged into an official police investigation by his cop brother, he now has to go undercover in the frat house to solve the mystery of the smuggling ring.

But once he sets foot into the frat house, his entire life changes. Making discoveries that shock his steady world, one frat brother is the only one who can help him traverse the dangerous path he’s about to embark on.

Is Drew about to expose an illegal smuggling operation? Or will the truth be more than he could ever imagine?


The “Moirai” series is currently only in note form, right now, with solid plans for Book 1 but a vague idea of Book 2 and the rest will come to me later, once I’ve had the chance to see how Book 1 turns out.


Book One: Moirai

Foster is a fairy with a problem: he’s a single man in a world surrounded by couples. His family run the prestigious matchmaking agency, Moirai, the company that he works for as a receptionist. From the pre-search psychological help provided by his mother, the matchmaking database his brother facilitates, to the legal help Foster offers before a couple move on to have his sister arrange the wedding, there isn’t anything they can’t do. Except find Foster a mate.

Dating hasn’t worked. The database has never found a suitable partner. And his brother is at his wits end trying to match Foster with someone who won’t use, humiliate or reject him.

Maybe Moirai – the fates – have no intention of Foster ever being part of a mated pair.


The “Nynnyaw” series was never meant to be a series. I originally wrote A Wolf Without Faith as a solo novel, but it proved to be so complex and in depth that it required the second book to really finish the plot arc.


Book One: A Wolf Without Faith

A wolf without instincts, a man out of control, and an Alpha who can’t rule…

Living in a world full of supernatural creatures, Owin is sick of double stands. Like it being alright for his werewolf boyfriend to cheat on him to satisfy have a stranger provide the pups Owin can’t. But when he tries to even the score, he ends up with fangs in his chest, a black out and a terrified lycan in his bed. A lycan who is now his bonded mate, whether he likes it or not.

For lycan Carney, turning Owin is the unthinkable…a connection to the past that he never wanted. But he has no choice. To move forward, they must go back to when Carney was a prisoner of his most feared enemy, the Alpha of the werewolves. A man who may just have all the answers that Carney’s broken mind can no longer remember.

One messed up pack and a war on the brink might not be enough to save a wolf without faith.


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