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Current WIP’s: The Solo Novel Edition

I don’t often talk about my works in progress here on the blog, mostly because I don’t want to over-do the whole “read my work” gambit. But, today that’s what I’m going to show you…what I’m working on for the second half of 2017. I’ve been expanding my horizons, both on what genres I’m writing and how I’m adapting my editing and cover making skills. So here are a few stories that I’m hoping to work on this year, for potential 2018/2019 release.


A band in a world of their own.

Answering an ad on the Forums for a lead singer to his favourite band, Felix thinks it’s a dream come true. Until he arrives to meet them and discovers that not all the band members are happy to see his personal robot A.R.E.N. or discover that he has a Talent.

It’s going to take some persuasion, but he might just be able to open their eyes to their ruined reputation through the Sectors. He could show their fans that he can be a better singer than the guy who wrecked their reputation I the first place. All he needs is the chance to show what he’s got.

Because, despite their name, Pleading Ignorance could be the best home he’s ever known.


Dante grew up with expectations hanging over his head, particularly in the form of the family legacy: street gang, The Skulls. It’s the last thing he wants, but he has no choice. Not with his eldest brother dead, his other brother his legal guardian and a shady lawyer ensuring that he has no free will until the age of twenty-one.

Life couldn’t get worse.

Then he escapes to the army, aged eighteen, and returns a year later with a war injury, PTSD and an older brother determined to get the most out of his legal guardianship before Dante can find his freedom. The fact that it involves selling Dante off into an arranged marriage to one of their enemies doesn’t seem to bother him. Nor does the realisation that Dante will then be locked into yet another binding contract…this time, one that he’ll never be able to escape.

It doesn’t take him long to realise that his brother’s greatest enemy may just be his ticket to freedom.


Bennett was never cut out to be a nanny. He studied to be a teach of special needs kids, but working as a live-in nanny for a family with a young boy with special needs is about as close as he could get.

He just never expected his new boss to be the same guy he had a one night stand with on Halloween. While they were both dressed up in costumes that mean his new boss has no idea who he is. Or what they shared together.

When Bennett is unmasked, it may be the best…or worst…thing of his life.


When his brother places a personal ad to find ‘Josey’, an old friend from high school, Lucas couldn’t be angrier. Until he learns that his brother made a mistake in the ad. A single typo – turning Josey into Joey – is about to knock Lucas flat on his ass and make his upcoming high school reunion the most awkward night in history.

If only he could regret his brother sticking his oar in where it doesn’t belong.


Rocco is an orphan, but he’s not exactly helpless. When he voluntarily returns to foster care, it’s because he can’t stand being alone and poor any longer.

The last thing he expects is to be adopted by a rich guy, who promised his late husband that he’d use their fortune to help abandoned children. Or that he’d suddenly have two new brothers. And that one of them would know sign language.

Having spent his entire life in silence, thanks to the ignorance of others, Rocco’s new life is an epiphany like no other.

If only he could navigate life as an adopted son as well as he could life as a homeless orphan.


There were things he couldn’t say…but could someone else?


Injustice can make a man bitter, but when Texas is put into prison for defending himself in a bar fight, at just aged twenty, it proves to be a blessing in disguise. His new cell mate, Rigg, is exactly the kind of mystery that Texas craves to solve.

When prison politics rears its ugly head and Rigg and Texas are forced into a more intimate relationship than either expected, things take a turn for the strange. Not that Texas would complain, but his cell mate is painfully straight.

With one year in prison, a sexually giving but emotionally distant cell mate and an emotionally available but sexually off-limits guard peaking his interest, Texas is in a whole lot of trouble.

It will take a knife, a gun, the FBI and a family feud to add the spark to the flame of his life.


Writing a novel has never been such hard work.


Mattix La Rouche’s new military novel “Through the Fire” has been critically acclaimed as the new “Dear John”. A heart-wrenching, tender novel about honour, love and the betrayal of separation by the army. Now, it’s being made into a TV series, with Fyfe Fraser in the lead role.

A major – and much needed – career boost for both of them, they’ll have to fight ‘through the fire’ to make it to the end of production. If they don’t kill each other first.


When Sean wakes up in hospital, the news is less than inspiring. In fact, it’s downright depressing.

It’s Christmas. Bad things aren’t meant to happen at Christmas.

But, with a year to get his life back on track, Sean decides to spend it with his best friends. He’ll experience their lives, their religions and their celebrations without one regret. He might even celebrate those ‘made up’ holidays, like International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It could be fun.

It could also be the last chance at happiness he’ll ever get.


Unrequited love sucks.

Unrequited love with my best friend is torture.

Unrequited love with my best friend, who has no idea I’m a warlock makes me pretty pathetic.

Being a teenager makes it so much worse.

The boy I love with all my heart – Denver – is also the one thing that kills me:

The Boy Who Loved to Hate Me


When did no-strings sex become so complicated?


With a growing addiction to being desperately needed, Houston takes up his friend’s advice of joining the Dalliance Escort Agency, to get a little cash and feed his addiction. Hooking up with gorgeous men is always on his agenda, so Houston uses his inner wild side to become a team player – literally.

A social party that quickly descends into an orgy destroys his trust and crushes his heart in one night. Just when Houston has chosen the path for his future, in walks the only man who could derail him. Joining an escort service was supposed to let him enjoy his addiction in a safe environment. Instead, it brings a potential boyfriend, a love rival and a strangely sweet, closeted young man into his orbit.


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