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Writer Wednesday: My 2017 At A Glance

2017 was a really rotten year for us, as a family. My dad had his first stroke, and his second and third, between June and December. Our 10 year old dog suffered his first (and, hopefully, only!) seizure. And I had a serious illness for the entire period between Halloween and the first week of December, which covered my birthday and forced me to leave the house, sick, just to get my Christmas shopping done. So, yeah, personally, it was a really crappy year.

Professionally, it wasn’t much better. I say that only because all those home issues made it impossible for me to focus, think and write as I should have been able to. I didn’t promote myself or my books as much as I should have, and I really didn’t have the finances to support my career the way I needed to.

When it comes to technology, 2017 was a breaking point. My tablet broke early in the year, refusing to charge any longer (not cable related) and it happened 1 month after the warranty ran out. Then, a few months later, my laptop crapped out on me, running at half the speed. So we bought a new one, which was nothing but trouble. It was the first “brand new” expensive model I’d ever bought and it turned out to be the worst. After three months of taking it to be repaired and getting it back in worse shape, we finally got a replacement (that we had to pay an extra £50 towards) and it’s working like a dream. So, eventually, it all worked out, but it was a long, hard slog, and a very stressful time. Without my tablet – which I was only able to replace with my birthday funds – and the problems with my laptop, my social media activity suffered, which impacted my promo and writing career far more than I expected.

All in all, the personal, technological and financial issues really made 2017 the worst year this family has had in quite a while. None of that includes the serious world-politic issues that affected everyone in the world – from the UK to the US and across the globe, there has been so much chaos, war, terror, death and political backstabbing that it’s hard to imagine a worst year. Adding to that the loss of so many iconic figures, that influenced my work and my youth, all I can do is hope that 2018 is much kinder to us all.


My Year As An Author

Books Written: 10 Shorts and 9 Novels

A Royal Miracle (The Royal Series #3); A Royal Legacy Shorts (1. Too Young to Die, 2. A Change of Heart, 3. The Seventh Son, 4. Strangers Once Again, 5. Miles Between Us, 6. A Little Faith); Decadent Shorts (1. Hold My Hand, 2. Leave Him for Me, 3. Click); Creatures of the Night (1. A Touch of Danger, 2. In the Moonlight, 3. Darkness in the Blood, 4. Sacrifice for Sale); CEBU; Worship; A Wolf Without Faith (Nynnyaw #1); Esthim; Victims of the Night (Angelicae #0.5)

Books Published: 1 Short, 1 Anthology, 3 Novels

The Trade; A Royal Promise (The Royal Series #2); Eyes on the Angel (Cacodemon #2); Forged in Fire; Lead Me Into the Light (Cacodemon #3); Black Magic (Anthology)

Books In Progress: 1 Short and 2 Novels

The Enemy of My Enemy, Unmasked, Pleading Ignorance, The Failing (Angelicae #1)

(This doesn’t include books whose concepts I came up with during 2017. It only includes books that I started writing, e.g. at least a Prologue or Chapter 1 started)


My Year As A Reviewer/Reader


Check out my Goals for 2018 to see what I’ll be getting up to this year.

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