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Fangirl Friday: Awakened By Blood, by Marie Treanor

This was one of those huge vampire stories that made a real impact with me. I can’t tell if it’s the mystery, the originality of the plot, or the fact that the main female character, Elizabeth, can kick ass, but it’s a series that stuck with me. The only other MF series about vampires that ever came close is the Dark/Carpathian series, which will be featured in another Fangirl Friday post in the future.



Book One: Blood on Silk

While in Romania researching historical superstitions, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk comes upon the folk tale of Saloman, a seductive prince staked centuries ago, legend’s most powerful vampire. Now, in the ruins of a castle crypt, Elizabeth discovers supernatural legends that have come alive. Her blood has awakened him. Her innocence has aroused him. But Elizabeth unleashes more than Saloman’s hunger, and it’s going to unite them in ways neither could have imagined.

Book Two: Blood Sin

Months after her dangerous encounter with the vampire overlord Saloman, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is still trying to cope with both the demands of her vampire-hunting bloodline-and the desire she feels for Saloman, the immortal she brought back from the grave. But when Saloman’s ancient sword becomes the object of a ruthless race between humans and vampires, Elizabeth must decide between unwanted loyalty, or unholy love.

Book Three: Blood Eternal

Despite the growing passion that unites them, all is not well between Elizabeth and Saloman. She refuses to follow him as he builds his influence among the human population and consolidates his rule over the vampire world. A shocking revolt is just the latest crisis that’s call him away.

But under Saloman’s regime, vampires have become less concerned with secrecy. And after he joins forces with vampire hunters, Elizabeth begins to understand the inevitable collision of the two worlds. She could be a conduit between humanity and the undead-is she can manage to play both sides and stay alive…



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Marie Treanor lives in Scotland with her eccentric husband and three much-too-smart children. Having grown bored with city life, she resides these days in a picturesque village by the sea where she is lucky enough to enjoy herself avoiding housework and writing sensual stories of paranormal romance and fantasy.


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Book One: Blood on Silk

I really loved this book – and not just because the author comes from Glasgow (I’m also Scottish). I loved the characterisation, the changing POV’s and the way the story developed.

You were instantly introduced to both lead characters, with no wavering and no nonsense. The story started from page one and then continued expanding, growing and changing until the very last page.

I won’t give any spoilers, but I will say that this book has action, adventure, mystery, paranormal tang and a lot of great romance. Can’t wait for Book 2.

Book Two: Blood Sin

I enjoyed his book, but not as much as the first one. I think the whole Adam Simon thing put me off a little. It just wasn’t the Saloman/Elizabeth relationship I’d got used to in the first book. However, once they reached his homeland and left NY and Scotland behind, it got a lot better. More like what I was expecting. Can’t wait to read the next one.

Book Three: Blood Eternal

For me, this was the best in the series. I waned a little reading Book 2, when it was all in NY, but not with this one.

It was beautiful from beginning to end. Saloman and Elizabeth’s relationship was solid and more special than ever. I absolutely hate these soppy romance girls who fight their attraction to the Big Bad guy in the book, vampire or not, and then suddenly give in in the end. I think Elizabeth’s journey, of learning about him, accepting and then shying away is much more realistic. Yes, she does the soppy romantic girl party by fighting the attraction in the beginning, when there is distance and separation and vampires are still a myth in her head. She’s an academic, that’s expected.

And in this book, I really liked Luk. Yes, he was crazy but you could also sense a conflict in him somewhere which was interesting. And I really like that Saloman wasn’t just the Big Bad, but that he had heart and soul and was complex.

One bad point – I think it ended too abruptly. Either that or I need to stop staying up until 3am reading. I think it might have been nice to have a little Epilogue or something. I know there’s a trilogy about the Hunters as well, but unless they contain Saloman and Elizabeth I won’t be reading them. Mihaela and Konrad really, seriously, bugged the heck out of me in this book more than ever.

Needless to say I almost cried a few times, not telling you where or why. I did, however, see the ending coming though. I saw the thing with Luk and the ‘condition’ that was making Elizabeth ill and the other thing. It’s not a flaw in the story or the way it was put together, just more that the ending was what I would have written. It was perfect.


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