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Writer Wednesday: A Royal Legacy Origin Story

This is a new feature, where I tell you the story of where my novels originally came from. From the first germ of an idea, to the first “written” inception and how it became what it is today, in it’s print form.


(Mock Cover)


You can find the origin stories of the other books in the series here:

A Royal Craving

A Royal Miracle


By now, you’ll know the long winded story of how A Royal Craving and A Royal Miracle came to be. I never covered A Royal Promise in these Origin Stories, because I figured it was all covered in the other two stories; I realised I had more to say, so I said it.

A Royal Legacy is similar. While editing A Royal Miracle for publication, I realised that I needed to tell a few more stories, mostly Harrington and Camryn’s, which was mentioned quite a bit during the novel. Then I thought some more, as I edited, and I began keeping a list as I worked. It grew longer and longer, until I was left with this:

Harrington and Camryn’s past

Jake’s future

Paulie and Jackenn’s future

Bredy’s future

Serafina’s future

a hint of Jaycob’s future

and a few surprises along the way, which I can’t mention in case you haven’t read A Royal Miracle, yet. Because the ‘surprises’ are characters that are only introduced in that novel (similar to Paulie, Jackenn and Bredy, but naming them doesn’t give anything away). Either way, I knew that there was a whole lot more to be said and done, so I got straight to work. Within a few days, I had three shorts and plans for so many more. In total, I planned eleven shorts, which seemed a little excessive, as the first three I wrote turned out to be about 15k each. Eleven shorts at 15k each would take the whole thing into around 160+K and that was never going to happen. So, it was either a matter of cutting certain stories out and offering them for free, as I had done with A Royal Promise, or cutting it into two novels.

In the end, I realised that Harrington and Camryn’s story Too Young to Die didn’t fit the timeline of A Royal Legacy, or the overall plot arc that I came up with as I wrote each of the stories. I removed it from A Royal Legacy, but it will remain and be put up for free on Wattpad. By removing that story and changing the ending of the sixth short story, the one for Bredy, I managed to create a cliffhanger style ending that cut the word count, create a more cohesive storyline overall, and meant that I could cut A Royal Legacy into two parts.

Now, I have A Royal Legacy: Part One, which details the discovery of the ‘legacy’ that makes up the arc of book four. A Royal Legacy: Part Two details the consequences of that legacy taking shape. Which meant that, in the end, I ended up with a much better novel, both in terms of length, plot, and being able to put it on sale for a reasonable price.

A win all around.


If you want to read the stories that were removed from A Royal Promise, along with many other stories, you can get them for free on my Wattpad page:

Promised to Him:

Love in a Battlefield:


If you’ve enjoyed A Royal Miracle, then I recommend reading Love in a Battlefield, where you’ll get to see a little more of Eryk, back when he was just another soldier.

And keep an eye on my Wattpad account. You never know when I might get the urge to write another short and add it to my page. I’m already considering one for Harrington and Camryn…


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