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Writer Wednesday: 2019 Writing Plans

There are a lot of books on my laptop that are started, in note form, or in a total mess and need to be fixed, rewritten, or completely scrapped. Either way, I plan to get a few of them off my list and finally sorted properly. I hate to have things unfinished, yet I’m notorious for getting distracted.

Hopefully, 2019 will be the year to fix that.


These are the priority books that I MUST get finished in 2019. I had hoped – and promised! – to have “Faithfully” completed so that it could be published in 2019 and that isn’t going to happen, unfortunately. So it must get done for 2020.

Barely Even Friends is a follow-up of sorts to The Bright Side Brigade. It focuses on slightly older students, the bad boys instead of the good guys, and how they meet their match.

Hollow is a YA standalone novel with zombies, while Esthim is a standalone 18+ sci-fi novel. Secrets is the first book in the Evanders series – renamed, rebranded, and waiting to be rewritten. Demon of Ash and Ink is the first in a planned-trilogy of paranormal novels with a twist, while the top left image of a skull is the logo for The Enemy of My Enemy, book 1 in my contemporary-gang trilogy, Friends & Enemies.

With all that to do, as well as current ongoing series to finish, 2019 is going to be a busy year!


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