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Writer Wednesday: Future Writing Plans

Gosh, it’s impossible to describe the feeling that comes with how long my WIP list is. I’ve always got something on the go, and a whole pile of old notes and stories that haven’t been touched in years. There is a list just as long that involves re-writing previously completed or published books. So, here’s a little exploration of what needs to be done, some time in the future.

For each series, I’m only going to share the first cover, or the first three, depending on how many there are in the series. Some of the series can be up to 10 books long, so I don’t want to clog the post with all the book covers, when the plots are still so uncertain.



The Evanders series began to be published, but just before book 2 came out, we had to unpublish. Now, I want to rewrite all the books, fix the plot, and add a few more stories to the series, including a second year of brand new students. All in all, there will be the original books, a new trilogy, and a set of short stories that need to be written: a total of twelve books in all!

These three books are “complete” but were never published. But, they have a few plot issues that I’ve been dying to fix, once I have time to get to them. Esthim has somehow lost a vital scene that was in the original book but has disappeared since then; Faithfully turned out to be legally impossible and a little bit stupid in the beginning of the plot; and Surrender is shorter than perhaps it needs to be, with a little bit more worldbuilding required.


Series Started But Not Completed

I started writing book 1: The Enemy of My Enemy, but every time I try to go back to it, I know there’s a lot wrong with it and I just don’t have the time or the patience to fix it, right now. I can’t really pinpoint what is wrong with it, yet, but I know it’s going to need a hacksaw to get it into good shape, before I can even begin to write the other two novels. However, the plots for all 3 are mostly complete. I know exactly how I want them to go.

The Tales of Talyn is a sci-fi series that began as an m-preg novel and grew into a family saga. It’s currently plotted for three books, but there may be more as the plot progresses. However, I had originally intended to incorporate my Devereaux CaseFiles series into this series, but it proved to not be the smart move. Instead, I moved them over to their own series.


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