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Writer Wednesday: Future Writing Plans Part 2

Gosh, it’s impossible to describe the feeling that comes with how long my WIP list is. I’ve always got something on the go, and a whole pile of old notes and stories that haven’t been touched in years. There is a list just as long that involves re-writing previously completed or published books. So, here’s a little exploration of what needs to be done, some time in the future.

For each series, I’m only going to share the first cover, or the first three, depending on how many there are in the series. Some of the series can be up to 10 books long, so I don’t want to clog the post with all the book covers, when the plots are still so uncertain.


Unwritten WIP’s

These are, actually, three of my favourite WIPs that I look forward to writing the most. It’s just unfortunate that I have more vital priorities, that keep me from completing these books. Hollow is a YA dystopia novel that is more adult and more complex than some of my other YA’s; Pleading Ignorance is another YA, this time set in a science fiction world, in a future where very rare and special humans have talents and special abilities; Unmasked is an adult contemporary, where employer and nanny discover they shared a wild, passionate night together, at a masquerade party not too long ago.


Note-Form Only

Here, we have some stories that *could* have massive potential, but which I just don’t have the time to write, just now. A Million Reasons is a YA novel that explores the growth of a young man through troubled times, across many years; Lost Souls Hollow is an adult murder mystery that is very vague, at the moment, but could be exciting, with a real psychic investigating the case. Paper Flowers is a YA novel about the beauty of looking past appearances and sharing the gift of our inner passions and loves with other people; Typo is an adult contemporary story about how a simple typo can change the course of an entire life.

Brothers Grace is a series of 4 books that I first thought about YEARS ago. It was actually the original story that inspired my Surviving Vihaan series, the first novel of which will release Summer 2019. I loved the original concept so much that I could never get rid of the plot, but there were aspects that didn’t fit into Vihaan that I still wanted to keep. I’ve based the Brothers Grace series on that aspect.

I’m very excited about this one! Ink, Frost, and Winter is a fantasy series that places a demon centerstage to the plot, and discovers what can happen when a demon has more control of the world than humans do.

The Moirai series is one I’m looking forward to writing. It’s a fantasy story, with a Fae at the heart of it. A Fae who works at the most prestigious matchmaking company in the supernatural world, but who has the worst luck in love. There are 5 planned books.

Moonglaive is a fantasy series where I only have a solid plan for book 1, but I already know that it’s going to be a long one. The fantasy world is one that is ruled by demon Gods, who choose apprentices to learn their craft and help the humans of the world. Each title represents one God and their gifts. At the moment, I plan to have about 8 books in this series.

The Empire of Crows and Wolves series is one that is just in the plotting stage, at the moment. It’s going to be a complete rewrite of my old Devereaux CaseFiles series of 10 books, which was a contemporary series based on the adventures of a secret government agent. I plan to keep the plot very similar to before, only in a fantasy/sci-fi world. It’s going to be a WILD ride, replotting it, and I’m super excited to get started…once I have the time. At the moment, I have no idea how many books it will be, but I intend to re-write all of the previous 10 books, though more may crop up over time, or it may become less as I adjust the plot.


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