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2019 Goals – The Results

Now that 2019 is over, it’s time to look at whether I achieved my goals for last year or not.


Life Goals

πŸ’ Be kinder to myself – by this, I mean that I need to stop putting unrealistic expectations on myself, and stop fretting about the little things that I have no control over.

Well, yeah I managed this in certain ways. I stopped fussing and worrying so much, and I tried not to put too much on my plate at once. But, inevitably, things changed throughout the year and – just when I thought I had all the time in the world to fulfill some tasks – schedules changed and I was left scrambling to catch up. However, these were out of my control, and I think I dealt with them pretty well. I handled the stress well and I didn’t panic about being late with a few non-urgent tasks, like I would normally. I prioritised, rather than trying to do everything at once. And, instead of requesting review books, I’ve been buying them on pre-order, to cut back on my review list.

πŸ’ Give myself a break. Reward myself with 1 week off a month. Whether I binge read books that are *not* for review, binge watch the TV, or just spend time with the family for that week, as long as I’m not actually working, I’m sure I’ll benefit from it.

I started off doing this pretty well, then the problem I mentioned above happened, and schedules changed. I’ve tried to take as many recreational breaks as possible in between my hectic schedule and it’s becoming easier, but not quite a habit yet.

πŸ’ Reward myself. Every time I finish a story, I want to give myself the *reward* of some time off.

Yes and no. I tend to work in one-month increments. So, if I’m editing or writing for one month, I’ll take the next month off to read, review and catch up. It doesn’t always work out, and it’s not always a month, but I try to make sure it’s at least halfway equal to the time I spent slogging away.

πŸ’ Try something new. Whether it’s a new book genre, a new TV show, or a new hobby, I need to try to do more outside of my work.

I tried a few new authors – some were great, some sucked. I got really stuck into my manga/yaoi again, which I never really tried before except for Black Butler, which I’m obsessed with. I tried more of both genres this year and I’ve loved it so much! I tried new food; a moroccan dish for the first time, which was okay but a bit bland, but I’d try another dish; and I tried a sweet and sour noodle dish with bamboo shoots, which was great. It nearly burned my mouth to Hell, but it makes a nice treat. So, so far I’ve put myself out there in small ways. I’ve also been seeing some small changes in my writing, where I’m trying new things and feeling better for it, and enjoying the challenge.

πŸ’ Lose weight. I want to break the brutal cycle of getting so sick that I lose weight, only to add on more once I’m better. I’d like to lose a total of 10kg in the entire year of 2019, if possible.

Technically, I did lose a total of 10kg by the end of the year, I just didn’t keep it off.I began the year by losing nearly 10kg in one week, because I was so sick. Then I put on 10kg in one month, due to some medication changes. Although I was able to come off that medication quickly, I broke my ankle, which meant that I couldn’t heal, rest, or look after myself properly for the last 2 months of the year. Which meant that even attempting to lose that weight was impossible. So, I’ll call this one a loss, because I’m ending the year heavier than I started, but it’s all due to influences beyond my control, so I can’t be too disappointed or angry with myself.


Writing Goals

✎ I want to finish 5 books from my WIP list, whether that’s stories that have been started or that haven’t, it doesn’t matter. I just want to have 5 books completed by the end of the year.

Okay, unexpectedly, I knocked this out the park! I wrote – Nynnyaw Book 2; A Royal Legacy Part 2; Tephy Brezal Books 2 and 3; and A Royal Treasury. That’s a whole 5 books that were on my WIP list and are now complete.

✎ I also want to get about 10 books edited for publication.

Yes! I did it. Kind of.

It actually took a few months to work with my new editor on Surviving Vihaan Book 1, so I spent a lot more time doing that than I expected. I learned a whole lot of new editing techniques, so everything I edited this year isn’t quite to the new standard I’ve adopted, but I did get all 10 books edited in a fashion, so that counts.

I did: Nynnyaw Book 1; The Boys Who Didn’t Love Me; Tephy Brezal Books 1-3; Ferals Book 1; Worship; Lose Myself; Surviving Vihaan Book 1; A Royal Legacy Part 2.

✎ It sounds a bit silly to say it, but – I want to finish the Surviving Vihaan series. Yes, Book 1 has been accepted by NSP, but I only have the final book in the series to write and I want it finished before book 1 is even released, if possible.

No. As simple as that. I was going to wait until my final edits of Vihaan Book 1 were completed, then head into editing the remaining books in the series in the same way. But, editing Vihaan Book 1 took a LONG time and I simply haven’t had the chance or opportunity to progress into the rest of the books. And there is no point trying to finish writing Book 6 until I’ve made the edits to Books 1-5, first.

✎ If I can finish Book 6 of Surviving Vihaan: Through His Veins, then I’d love to get a head-start on the follow-up series, Rediscovering Vihaan.

As this one counted on the previous goal being met, it never happened.

✎ I’d like to re-write at least 1 book from my “re-write” list.

YES! I wasn’t going to count Faithfully into this list, because – at the time – I’d started before 2019 and I didn’t think it needed much work. Oh, how wrong I was! It took me forever. I wrote the first two chapters in Dec 2018, but didn’t get back to writing it until August 2019. By then, it took me from 10th August-12th September to complete the rewrites, which basically became an exercise in completely overhauling the book from start to finish. It was largely unrecognisable by the time I was finished…not just because I changed the title and cover.


Reading Goals

πŸ“š I want to read at least 10 Agatha Christie paperbacks.

I’ve read a total of 4 which is not so bad. Not quite my goal, but not too shabby. * I did, however, manage to read a total of 52 paperbacks that were not Agatha Christie.

πŸ“š I also want to read at least 150 Netgalley books.

I finally managed a total of 31 by the end of the year. Nowhere near what I wanted to read, but practical considering the time I had to read and concentrate on reviewing.

πŸ“š I plan to cut back on my Divine review list, only so that I can get more Netgalley books off my list. I’ll keep this list to 50.

I ended up reading about 46 off this list, so nearly reached the goal. I was so close! However, this list isn’t just for Divine Magazine, but includes some books that I was asked to review outside of the magazine.

πŸ“š I plan to read about 50 books from my TBR list.

I smashed this goal, and then some. Mostly because I was ill the whole of January, and because I spent nearly 2 weeks in hospital in November, where concentrating to read for review was impossible. My final tally comes in at a whopping 117 TBR books.


How did you all do with your goals for 2019 – personal or professional?

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