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Writer Wednesday – 2020 Goals

Ah, a new year. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I sat down to write my 2019 goals, but…here we go again. 2020!

After looking at my goals for 2019 and seeing how I fared, by the end of the year, I’ve made this year’s goals a little more realistic.


Life Goals

💝 Take on less work. Less reviews. Less stress. Fewer deadlines and schedule changes. I’m a bit fed up of other people changing my schedule at the last minute and feeling like I’m scrambling to keep up, because someone else’s actions have set back my plans. So, if I take on less, this shouldn’t happen so often. I can’t control other people, but I CAN control me!

💝 Stress less. I ended 2019 feeling like I really didn’t have any more F’ks to give. And…honestly…it was the best thing for me. So, stop caring…stop stressing…stop worrying…stop giving other people control and weight in how I feel, think, react and function. BE HAPPY AS I AM!

💝 FINALLY get control over my finances. I try this every year and it never works out. I always have the best of intentions, but then a sale comes along, a birthday, an anniversary, or Christmas, and I find myself without any money. I ended 2019 needing a new phone, a new tablet, AND a new laptop! And with no savings. I had to let my parents buy my laptop, was lucky to get a phone upgrade, and even luckier to have enough birthday money/gift cards to buy a new tablet while only forking out about £20. No more! I am 33 years old and I need to get a handle on this stuff, eventually. Now is the time.

💝 Keep up the momentum of trying new things. I can so easily get stuck in a rut, because I’m not very mobile and I’m a hermit. But, I need to expand my horizons in any way I can, even if it’s only book genre and food.

💝 Lose weight. I’m going for a realistic 5kg this year. Maybe 10kg was too much to ask, last year, but it’s exactly what I put on through medication, so even if I can lose half of that, I’ll be happier.


Writing Goals

✎ I want to rewrite Courage in the Kiss and the Evanders series. I already have new covers, new titles, and plans for how to do that, I just need time to get it done.

✎ I desperately want to publish Paper Love in 2020. I promised my Wattpad readers I would, and I want to keep that promise.

✎ I still want to finish the Surviving Vihaan series. I only have the final book in the series to write and I want it finished before book 1 is released, if possible.


Reading Goals

📚 I (still) want to read 10 Agatha Christie paperbacks. I managed 4 last year, so it’s not impossible. I just have to focus. Even if it’s one a month, I can do this!

📚 I desperately want to read 100 Netgalley books. I’ve already made a list of which ones, and I want to make this my TOP PRIORITY! I am so super behind on my Netgalley books it’s not even funny anymore.

📚 I plan to cut back on my Divine review list, so that I can get more Netgalley books off my list. I’ll keep this list to 30. That’s an average of 2.5 books a month.

📚 I still want to read some books from my TBR list – as a way to wind-down and relax between my work – but I’ll keep this one at a reasonable 30-50 books.


What are your plans for this year?

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