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Writer Wednesday: Challenge Yourself

Every year, I challenge myself in some new way, or I change my challenge somehow. This year is no different.

For 2020, I have quite a few things in mind. Since most of the author stuff is private 😉 I’ll share my Reading Challenges with you. This year, I made some pretty infographics to help me out, because I hate a messy notebook and my lists always end up messy!


To ascertain what the Top 10 Must Read MM books must be, I asked in one of my favourite FB book rec groups. We all nominated our favourites and then voted. We came up with a MASSIVE list, which I compiled into a Top 100. Then, I also made a Hidden Gems – the 50 that were nominated by someone who loved them but didn’t get any votes. And then I made the Just Missed Out list – the books that sat firmly in the middle.

I’ve included the Top 100 and the 50 Hidden Gems into my own TBR for 2020. As well as a list of 100 books I want to read for my Netgalley account, and 100 books from my own TBR list, these will make up the 300 books for my Goodreads Challenge (and then some!)

There may be some crossover, since I made my own list based on books I’d bought and seen, before the group voted on the Top 100.

Yeah, I know…that’s a lot of books! But, I smashed my 250 Goodreads Challenge this year, so I’m aiming for 300 next year. Fingers crossed!

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