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Fangirl Friday: Blade Trilogy

Title : Blade

Main Cast : Wesley SnipesStephen DorffKris Kristofferson

Genre : Action, Adventure, Horror, Vampires, Fantasy

In a world where vampires walk the earth, Blade has a goal. His goal is to rid the world of all vampire evil. When Blade witnesses a vampire bite Dr. Karen Jenson, he fights away the beast and takes Jenson back to his hideout. Here, alongside Abraham Whistler, Blade attempts to help heal Jenson. The vampire Quinn who was attacked by Blade, reports back to his master Deacon Frost, who is planning a huge surprise for the human population.

I have loved the Blade Trilogy since I first saw it. Blade I has always been my favourite, with Blade II equally good, though Blade III wasn’t quite on the same par. I felt Blade III relied too much on humour, whereas the other two managed to be better balanced.

I’m not great with horror movies, but I love Wesley Snipes and I love vampires, so this was an obvious choice. The combination of action, the storytelling, Snipes’ acting, and the clever take on vampires all came together to make this one of my favourite series ever made.

For me, Snipes’ cool portrayal of Blade, calm and detached, made Blade the kind of character that was distant and far-removed from the audience, meaning we could view him impartially. We didn’t get attached to him until quite a bit into the movie, where we got to see his struggle between the humanity and the vampire inside him. Once you see that, and see his friendship with Whistler, you start getting into the meat of the character. Until that point, the main storyline is the doctor, and Dorff’s character, Frost. They’re the linchpin of the plot, until that moment, and I love that. All three have an essential part in th eplot, and they’re so intricately woven that each is equally explored and given the appropriate screentime to let the audience fall in love with the movie.

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