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Fangirl Friday: NU’EST

I love NU’EST, right from their back catalogue to their newest stuff. Member Minhyun was also in Wanna One, after the show Produce 101, and I loved him even then. Ren was a groundbreaking gender-neutral influence, due to his long hair and fashion sense way back in the day, and is now a huge musical theatre star. The entire group are just amazing, and their songs are true tunes!

Songs : Face, Drive, And I, Action, Bet Bet, Dejavu, I’m in Trouble, Love Me, Help Me

Artist : NU’EST (뉴이스트)

Genre : K-Pop

My emotions are spilling out, I’m missing you
If this was all a dream, maybe this is a dream

One fistful of longing
Loneliness inside
My heart is crumbling
Then after that

I’ll place you in sadness and get through one more day
Because now I’m used to being in this kind of pain

The word “fate”
Will I be able to see it?
My world has broken down
The only future I have is you

“Help Me” English Lyrics from Color Coded Lyrics

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