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WIP Spotlight: Call Me…Honey

I’ve been scrolling through my current Works in Progress, to see what I might be able to share with you. Some of these are WIPs in the broadest sense, in that I haven’t started writing them yet, but they’re part of a series currently in the works.


Call Me…Honey

Book Seven

Ezra never realised he’d hurt Jack so much, but having to watch him walk off into the sunset with another alpha is both bittersweet and a relief.

Now he’s not tangled up with Jack anymore, Ezra goes back to sowing his wild oats as he pleases. A decision that comes back to bite him, when a one-night stand, Nick, ends up pregnant.

Now, it’s time for Ezra to step up. Be an alpha and mate, or walk away from a potential heir to his family empire.

When the omega is sweet as honey, it shouldn’t be a hard decision to make. Ezra has never been an alpha ready to settle down, but is he ready to give up his freedom to a life of mating and monogamy?


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