Pay It Forward

#TFT: Book OST: Kingston Academy 1, Part 2

#TransformationTuesday (#TFT) are an exploration of my WIP and completed Book Soundtracks. Full length novels have a soundtrack of 10 songs, split into two 5 song playlists. Short stories have a soundtrack of 5 songs.

Kingston Academy: Book 1

Script Unwritten

With one year at the exclusive Kingston Arts Academy under his belt, Ashton has finally moved into an apartment. Gaining freedom, privacy, and a revolving door policy for the cute twinks taking acting and dancing programs. He knew it came with a new roommate, but he never expected Felix.

The only gay virgin on campus, who is too perfect for words and boring AF.

Three months into their acquaintance, Ashton decides it’s time to bring Felix out of his shell. He doesn’t hate the guy, but he can’t abide the feeling he’s being judged for the way he’s living his life. When Felix advertises his photography experience, to make extra cash, it’s an opportunity he can’t resist. How to turn it into a golden opportunity for blackmail eludes Ashton…until he discovers a connection between Felix and the local BDSM club, Wonderland.

It seems his flatmate is hiding more under his schoolboy innocence than Ashton could have anticipated. The temptation is too much to resist. With the help of the campus props department and a best mate who’ll act as buffer, Ashton takes on the role of a lifetime – and may just find the best roles comes with a script unwritten.

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