Pay It Forward

#TFT: Book OST: There Are Worse Things I Could Do, Part 2

#TransformationTuesday (#TFT) are an exploration of my WIP and completed Book Soundtracks. Full length novels have a soundtrack of 10 songs, split into two 5 song playlists. Short stories have a soundtrack of 5 songs.

There Are Worse Things I Could Do

Unrequited love sucks. Knowing that unrequited love is for someone toxic is devastating.

I’ve spent ten years watching Cosmo work his way through every other man in his orbit but me. Ten years marking my skin with tattoos, masking my emotional pain.

Somehow, I always forgive him.

I figure space is the only cure, so I move across town. When I bump into my new neighbour and we spend the night together, my world flips on its axis and I somehow find myself stuck between Mr I-Licked-You-Now-You’re-Mine, and a friend I never knew was slowly falling in love with me.

Is it wrong to let these two guys duke it out over me? Because, honestly…there are worse things I could do.

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