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Sample Sunday: Surviving Vihaan 2

To give you a taste of what’s in store, I’ll be sharing samples of my available books.

I’ll use the 7/7 Challenge (where authors post seven lines from page 7 of their WIP) as inspiration. I’ll be posting (approximately) 7 paragraphs of page 7 (unless they have spoilers, then I’ll choose the previous/next chapter) If more is needed, for context, then I’ll add more.


Surviving Vihaan, Book 2: Raised by Wolves


He was raised by wolves, but can he lead them?

Bad news always comes in threes. As do the hits that knock Keon’s perfectly laid plans into chaos. His no-good brother conducted a hostile takeover of his pack, became Alpha, and got killed in the space of a year. Grief has crippled their father, leaving Beta Weston desperate for Keon’s return. And Simeon’s last act as Alpha was to name Keon his successor.

Leaving his friends is heartbreaking. Arriving home to a hostile pack is unsurprising. Finding a rival pack hovering on the boundaries of his land, vying for blood? That could be a problem. With Simeon dead, they don’t seem to care which Alpha bleeds for his brother’s crimes.

With no other choice, Keon shoulders the burden of being Alpha. Fighting, bleeding, and sacrificing. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and maybe he can use his new position of power to his advantage…like dragging Vihaan into the 21st century. Kicking and screaming, if that’s what it takes. But, he’s going to need something to grab everyone’s attention and force them to accept change. The only thing he has to offer this progressive change…himself. But who would want to mate an Alpha whose own pack don’t respect him?

Returning to Vihaan is the biggest decision Keon has ever made, and one he hopes will change the fate of all LGBT Vihaan’s. Can he use his position as the new Alpha of his pack to begin a wave of change across his homeland? Or will he return home to discover he was raised by wolves, but is incapable of leading them?



“You look stunning, Alpha,” Weston remarked, brushing a fussy hand over the shoulder of the leather waistcoat as they stood on the podium.

Keon smirked, as Weston had discretely offered reassurances about his complete disinterest in a romantic liaison. The first day Keon shed the grief for his father and became a real Alpha, Weston had ‘confessed’ to being gay. He’d begged Keon to accept him, relieved to hear Keon was like-minded. Instantly apologising, because while he respected Keon and his family (with the exception of his horrendous brothers), Keon was not his type and his heart had already been claimed.

A sentiment he’d returned with equal amusement and embarrassment. He’d never had a more awkward conversation, but it was a relief to have someone know his true nature, who he could confide in openly.

Looking the part, when he didn’t feel it, relieved Keon’s mind. He’d been unwanted as Alpha from the first moment Weston announced his return to Vihaan. Weston had struggled to accept no one wanted him as Alpha, but the pack loved Simeon’s violence-is-my-jam vibe. Keon was sure they wanted someone as equally bloodthirsty at the helm, and resented him for not being good enough.

As the pack filtered into the village square, Keon cast his eye over them.

Five weeks and he was still an outsider. One of the only smiles in the crowd belonged to Vega, who tipped his head when he caught Keon’s gaze. An arrogant acknowledgement, as if Keon had been searching for him.

Five years his senior, Vega was lazy, arrogant, self-opinionated. How could Keon, as a responsible Alpha, take Vega as a mate? What made Vega imagine he’d want to? Sure, Vega was attractive—big blue eyes, dark brown hair and a body to die for—but he’d learned the heart was more important than looks. Vega was a prime example of why.



Origin Story

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Elaine White is the author of multi-genre MM romance, celebrating ‘love is love’ and offering diversity in both genre and character within her stories.

Growing up in a small town and fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. She lives vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, exploring all possibilities within the romantic universe.

The Winner of two Watty Awards – Collector’s Dream (An Unpredictable Life) and Hidden Gem (Faithfully) – and an Honourable Mention in 2016’s Rainbow Awards (A Royal Craving) Elaine is a self-professed geek, reading addict, and a romantic at heart.

You can keep in touch with Elaine on the following sites:


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