Pay It Forward

#TFT: Book OST: The White Rabbit, Part 2

#TransformationTuesday (#TFT) are an exploration of my WIP and completed Book Soundtracks. Full length novels have a soundtrack of 10 songs, split into two 5 song playlists. Short stories have a soundtrack of 5 songs.

The White Rabbit

There Are Worse Things I Could Do, Spin-Off

I was never meant to own this world. I wasn’t born into this life. I worked my fingers to the bone to earn every victory. Bled for every step up from the gutter.

When he walked into my life, I knew I’d fight for him. Bleed for him. He was the only one stupid enough not to see it was inevitable.

They say there’s a God for men like me. A God who looks over those who love their own: the White Rabbit. And damn if this hot man isn’t sporting a white rabbit on his arm. A clear signal, if ever I needed one, that fate isn’t done messing with me yet.

I don’t have time for this. For him. But, I’m damned sure not going to let him walk away from me. No matter what dirty tricks I have to pull to keep him close.

I’m not romantic. I take what I want and it’s about time he learned that the hard way. No one walks away from me. No one gets to walk into my life, rock my foundations to the core, and then waltz into the sunset with someone else.

Not in this life, and not in the next, either.

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