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Writer Wednesday: Goals Check-In

I’m going to do 3-4 check-ins, this year, instead of a mid-year one, because I hope it will serve as encouragement. At the very least, it will keep me accountable for my progress.

GOAL: celebrate every completed book I write with 5 books off my Netgalley list.

RESULTS: I only wrote 3 novels, this year, from scratch. But, I kept my word on this. When I finished the first book, I read a 7 book series, where 1-2 books were for Netgalley. After finishing the second novel, I read a couple of shorts and graphic novels for my Netgalley list. Then, when I finished the third book, I read a couple of solo novels. So this way, I covered the board on what types of Netgalley books I read.

GOAL: start saving money.

RESULTS: YES! This is the first time I’ve actually been able to save money, and KEEP it saved. I have a nice, tidy sum of money held over, for any electronic emergencies, and hope to keep it that way.

GOAL: keep off the 10kg I lost in 2021

RESULTS: Technically, yes? I mean, I’ve definitely kept off 5kg at least, but I’m trying not to weigh myself too often. At the same time, I had a few medication changes this year, that affected my weight, so I’m not overly concerned about keeping to this goal, this year. Once my new meds settle down, I should hit this goal, though.

GOAL: do at least 10 minutes a day, three days a week, on Duolingo

RESULTS: I cancelled this earlier in the year, because Theo is struggling with disembodied voices. I’m going to ease him in with the already-familiar music option. I watch a lot of music on the TV, so he understands music, though hearing it without seeing it is still a problem. He’s taken to barking at the phone, when it makes noises, because he’s telling you that your phone is ringing. Which, in one way, is great! You can never lose your phone. But, on the other hand, it means I’m seriously behind on my YouTube playlist, and I can’t start Duolingo until he calms down a little. It looks like that might not happen until next year, now.

GOAL: I wanted to rewrite the Evanders trilogy into The Elementals solo novel/duology last year. Since I didn’t get round to it, I want to do it this year.

RESULTS: Nope. And, logically? Not going to happen, this year. However, I’m hoping to start trying out Vella and/or KDP at the end of 2022, at least with one book, so this would make an IDEAL option, for that. It’s 3 novels long, with a short story 1.5, and it would be perfect for Vella, if I can get it rewritten by the end of next year.

GOAL: cut Paper Love to NSP publishing word count

RESULTS: No, and that’s not the plan anymore. See above. I want to place Paper Love on Vella and/or KDP, EXACTLY as it is. How *I* want to tell it, rather than cutting it unnaturally for the sake of a publisher’s word count.

GOAL: have ONE book published during 2022

RESULTS: I’m still crossing my fingers for this, but it’s honestly been a HUGE slog. This year was all missed e-mails, miscommunication, and hectic schedules for both me and my publisher. Plus, with Covid rearing its ugly hear again in the early half of the year, we both had other priorities. However, Book 2 of Surviving Vihaan is going through the FINAL processes, so I am holding out hope that there will be a release date before the end of the year!

GOAL: have ALL of these fully edited and ready for submission:

  • Of Gods and Kings trilogy
  • Nynnyaw trilogy
  • There Are Worse Things I Could Do
  • Kingston Academy, Books 1 & 2

RESULTS: I’ve actually done not too badly on this one. I’ve read Book 1 of OG&K, Books 1-2 of KA, and have both Nynnyaw and TAWTICD on my editing list for the next month. Finishing my edits on Paper Love and The Boys are a priority, first. But, considering I’ve got a few months left, I should hit this one without any trouble. Though it might mean a re-read of OG&K before reading books 2-3 or leaving the entire OG&K for next year, considering I’ve already read and edited Book 1, out of sync.

GOAL: completely finish ONE of the following series:

  • Harlequin (a planned trilogy, with 1 completed)
  • The Changeling (4 books planned, so far, 3 completed)
  • Ferals (5 planned books, 2 completed)
  • Kingston Academy (4 books planned, 2 books completed)
  • Show No Mercy (5 books planned, 2 books completed)
  • The White Rabbit (a solo spin-off from There Are Worse Things I Could Do)

RESULTS: Sadly, this hasn’t happened. As I said earlier, I’ve only written 3 novels this year. 1 rewrite of Kingston 2, a new solo novel, and Book 1 of Rediscovering Vihaan, which wasn’t even on my list until next year. However, inspiration struck as I was doing final pre-edits for the Surviving Vihaan series, before sending them off to the publisher, and it proved to be great timing.

GOAL: read 10 paperbacks/hardbacks

RESULTS: YES! I’ve actually read 15, and hope to fit in a few more before the end of the year.

GOAL: read 50 Netgalley books

RESULTS: Hah! Not even close! At the moment, I’ve been so busy editing that I’ve only ticked off about 14 books from my Netgalley list. However…2 of those were part of a multi-book series, where I’d requested a book from Netgalley, not knowing it was halfway through the series. So, technically, I read another 8-10 books *because* of Netgalley.

GOAL: read 20 Divine Review books

RESULTS: Almost! I’m sitting at 19 books, with a couple more on my backlog list, that I hope to tackle before the end of the year. I’m actually surprised I hit this one, but it’s all thanks to one author, who asked me to review Book 4 of a series I’d never started before.

GOAL: read 100 TBR books

RESULTS: – I’m officially halfway! I know, that doesn’t sound great when we’re already *over* halfway through the year, but I had a lot of manga series I’m following, which have released new issues this year, and I’m woefully behind on reading them. Once I finish my priority editing list, by around the end of August, I should be able to binge a good 4 series, with about 5 books each, so I can catch up super-quick.



So far, I feel really good about my progress, this year. I’m definitely focusing more on future planning, editing, and trying to finish older priority lists first. It’s helped having my Book Journal lists, because it clarifies what books I was excited about, when I got approved on Netgalley or bought them, but which I completely forgot about, because they’re buried under all the new purchases.

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