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WIP Spotlight: Paper Love

I’ve been scrolling through my current Works in Progress, to see what I might be able to share with you. Some of these are WIPs in the broadest sense, in that I haven’t started writing them yet, but they’re part of a series currently in the works.


It has taken me YEARS to get this book to within publishing word count, but I’m FINALLY there, so it’s time to re-showcase this baby. Keep your eye out for a future teaser, too.


In a story about love, hope, and grief, three bruised hearts will be united on a collision course.

Rocco – an orphan who has given up hope. Latimer – a single father, locked in grief. Nikau – a young man facing a tough decision. Together, they could be the family they need, if they accept Paper Love may be the only way to say ‘I love you’.

Orphaned as a baby, Rocco has never known the meaning of love, security or family. Gay, deaf and mute, he knows how it feels to be unwanted.

Latimer has never fully recovered from losing his husband, five years ago. They had just started building their family, adopting Dominic and Chandler, when Beau died.

With college on the horizon, Nikau is at a crossroads. Partially deaf and living alone, there are a million reasons to fight to keep his independence.

Three lives. Three bruised hearts. One collision course that could lead to love and family, if Rocco can accept that Paper Love may be the best, and only way, he can say ‘I love you’.

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