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WIP Spotlight: To Suffer A Bond

I’ve been scrolling through my current Works in Progress, to see what I might be able to share with you. Some of these are WIPs in the broadest sense, in that I haven’t started writing them yet, but they’re part of a series currently in the works.


To Suffer A Bond is Book 1 in the Rediscovering Vihaan spin-off from Surviving Vihaan. Though the main characters are featured in Surviving Vihaan, this spotlight shouldn’t offer any spoilers to the SV series. As it’s a WIP to an existing series, I’ve only created the most generic of covers.


Tasked with returning Gordon to his home pack, to warn Alpha Katarina of his recent retirement, the most Saxon expects is a slow trip with a naïve B’Taro Prince. A face from his past, on the border lands, takes him by surprise.

The last time he saw Whitney, he was young, beaten, bloody and hours away from death. He never thought taking pity on the teenager, and sending him into the wilds of Vihaan alone, would result in a change to his own fate. He hadn’t even expected Whitney to survive.

Not only has he survived, but he’s gorgeous, grown, and safe within Katarina’s pack. And sees Saxon as his personal hero. Spending a week catching up is a delight, but when Katarina offers Whitney on a platter, Saxon begins to suspect the worst.

Is Whitney innocent, or are Katarina’s plans about to take them both by surprise?

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