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2022 – Best of Music (Song)

As I did last year, I’m splitting my posts into 4 parts: Books (Solo), Books (Series), Music (Song), Music (Video).

I’ve been sharing some older songs on my Video posts, but I’m going to try to keep to recent (2021/2022) songs for this post, though it could easily have just been a repeat/extension of the other post.


Song of the Year

I had a hard time figuring out which song to choose, as I had two. But, the other song is actually one of the best videos I’ve seen this year, so I moved that one over to the other post, and kept NCT’s GORGEOUS song “Beautiful” as my Song of the Year.

Group of 2022

This was another one where I couldn’t just pick one group. You can check out my Fangirl Friday for ATEEZ here, while DKB will feature next year.


Top 10 Songs

I couldn’t decide between Villain and Trauma for which one from TRENDZ hit me harder, so I had to include them both. I could have easily included them in the video post, as the choreo for both are STUNNING, but they’re total bops, so I picked them for this post instead. I can listen to all these songs, but especially these two, a million times without getting bored.

This is an album track, so there’s no existing video, but I have hopes it will get one soon. It’s one of my favourites of their new album.

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