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2022 – Best of Books (Series)

As I did last year, I’m splitting my posts into 4 parts: Books (Solo), Books (Series), Music (Song), Music (Video). Just click on the photo to get a zoomed in, closer view of all the text.


Romancing A Curse, by Lissa Kasey

Kitsune Chronicles, by Lissa Kasey


Andi Hayes / Anthropoda, by Xenia Melzer

Tides of Change, by John Patrick


Familiar Mates, by T.J. Nichols (which Outcast Pack is a spin-off of)

Outcast Pack, by T.J. Nichols (a spin-off from Familiar Mates)


When in Pheme, by A.J. Demas

Mytho, by T.J. Nichols


My Love Mix-Up! Vol. 1, Wataru Hinekure, Aruko (Illustrator)

My Summer of You, by Nagisa Furuya


Boys Run The Riot, by Keito Gaku, Leo McDonagh (Translation)

The Decagon House Murders, by Hiro Kiyohara (Artist), Yukito Ayatsuji


I Think Our Son is Gay, by Okura

FANGS, by Billy Balibally


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