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2021 – Best of Music (Video)

As I did last year, I’m splitting my posts into 4 parts: Books (Solo), Books (Series), Music (Song), Music (Video).

These videos are in no particular order, but make up the TOP 10 of videos that I’ve discovered this year. Not all of them were released in 2022, but that’s when I found, and fell in love with, them. Sadly, some of my favourite songs from this year were album tracks, with no music video, so I had to include them in my other post, for Best Songs, rather than this post.


The entire OnlyOneOf group have released a single entirely of their own, creating a series of interlinked songs/videos. YooJung’s is the first, where two members of the group play love interests to each other, and feature in a two-parted video portraying their romance. So, YooJung/KB are a couple in their two videos, JunJi/Rei are a couple, Mill/Nine are a couple. Here are links to the other videos, if you want to watch them, listed in order of release.

KB “be free”

JunJi “be mine”

Rei “because”

Mill “beat”

HUTA is my bias from the group BTOB, and his solo work is incredible. This song has been my earworm for the past few months, and never fails to get me moving. Plus, he is STUNNING in every aspect of this video. I mean…holy heck.

I just had to include this one. This is a new group to KPOP, and while being a seriously addictive tune, WATCH the video. One of the members is *entirely* AI. I’m not joking. The centre guy, in the preview pic, is actually an AI member, as part of Korea’s experiments with AI singers. He sings, dances, and is the “visual” of the group, but doesn’t actually exist. Incredible!

I am a HUGE fan of MCND, and a collector of their albums. I have never been disappointed in their albums. This track is an awesome portrayal of what their latest album is like, and they all look incredible. I was super excited to see they got a world tour, this year, which just shows that they’re definitely a group here to stay.

Honestly…it’s Seventeen. They’re ALL hot, and this video is no exception. As well as a banging song, this video is just LIFE. Stunning visuals, gorgeous guys, incredibly detailed and perfectly synchronised choreography. What more could I ask for?

Bang Yongguk is a masterpiece. His talent knows no bounds, from his time in B.A.P. to his solo career. This video is an understated but incredible piece of art, just as I would expect of him.

I have NEVER been disappointed by an ATEEZ video in my entire life. They have a way of making things visually stunning, while telling a story *and* leaving a message. Rocky is no different. And the dancing?! Their performances always blow me away.

Sober has been an earworm since I first heard DKB’s latest album. The fact my bias, Lune, went blond for this track – featured in the preview – and they created such a hard-hitting video, only makes it all the better. The choreo is hard-core, and the video only cements this as one of my favourites from their album.

JO1 are a Japanese group, and I’ve been impressed with them for a while. Their choreo is always incredible, and this one is no exception. Plus, that chorus is highly addictive.

With Shownu in the military, I was worried Monsta X would take a break to work on solo projects, and while they have done that, they’ve also released some fun, retro songs that have totally blown me away. You Problem is addictive, and the video is the most fun I’ve seen them have in a video in a long time!



This song is from 2 years ago, but I had never seen the video until this year. I actually had the song listed as a 5* song on my music player, but it rarely ever played on my Shuffle option. It was only this year that I remembered what an AMAZING song it is. It’s included in my Top KPOP songs in English. But, as well as being an incredible song, it’s got a stunning video, with such an incredible message.


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