This page is where you book slots for this blog. There is a drop down menu in the contact form with all options available.


IMAGE - Review Ratings


This service is provided by me, and in the case of Reviews, there is no guarantee of a 5 star review. I will always be fair and honest about what I do or do not like about the book. I will do this in a professional manner, with no back-talk about the author or the book that will be harmful to either. I DO NOT want to prevent sales for you. But I WILL be honest and if there is something I don’t like or enjoy about the story, I will tell you in the review. I will also admit if my dislike of the book is purely down to my tastes. I will always mark a book on certain criteria:

  • The Cover
  • The Relevance of the Title to the Story
  • If I would read it again
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Movie Potential
  • Ease of Reading

To me, these are all important things people want to know when buying a book. It could be the best story in the world, but by confusing and difficult to read. This will reduce the Star rating your book will receive. If the cover is attractive and relates to the story, then you will find that it will probably be a better seller than a book with a less attractive cover. This is not an absolute, just something that I have discovered. I also rank movie potential, because sometimes a book doesn’t read well or is very confusing and jumpy, but I can see how well it would display on screen, TV or Movie-wise. The Plot and Characters are self-explanatory, since these are vital to the working of the story. I also rank how well the Title relates to the story. Some titles create pre-conceptions in a reader and if the title isn’t relevant to the story within the book, then the reader is likely to complain of false-advertising or not enjoy it as much. Whether I would read a book again is a vital aspect for me. I often find that good books can become great on a second reading, or they become new favourites. If I’m likely to read it again, then others might also find it a new favourite.


I offer all types of events:

  • Author Interview
  • Character Interview
  • Cover Reveal – new book
  • Pay it Forward (one live post and one permanent page – links only)
  • Cover Exposure – all previously published books
  • Guest post – topic of the author’s choosing
  • Review
  • All of the above

Once you know what you want, leave me your message in the Contact Form with what you’re looking for. I will then contact you about what free dates I have. Or, alternatively check my calendar, at the foot of the page, to see what dates are already booked. If you want a specific date, just let me know. I know with new releases, around the time of the release is best.

I will usually only accept 1 post per day, but depending on demand and the importance of that specific date, I may take on 2 requests for that day, but no more. If there are two, one will be posted in the am, UK time, and the other pm.

All posts on the blog are shared on LinkedIn, Facebook Author Page, Twitter, Goodreads and Google +1. All reviews are posted to Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon CA, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo, FB, Twitter, WordPress, LibraryThing, BookLikes, Goodreads, Google +1. Other locations will be accepted by demand of the author.

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