This is where you’ll find a comprehensive list of all of my published titles.


The Cellist, by Elaine White

One performance can change everything.

After six years, cellist Roman returns home with boyfriend Ben, in search of more than just international fame. There’s one complication he didn’t count on. His high school crush, the straight, untouchable, Jaxton is there when he arrives.
One performance at local club, Crimson 8, stirs emotions that were better left forgotten.
With prior warning that the club is a gay man’s fantasy come true, where anything and everything can happen, Jaxton is dragged along with a group of his friends, to see Roman play.
What happens next, will change the course of all their lives forever.


Clef Notes, an anthology of shorts, by Elaine White

There are two sides to every story.

A collection of stories based on the characters from The Cellist.

Find out what really happened that night at Crimson 8, when Stanton rejected Thayer. Discover where Bruno and Lyon’s tumultuous relationship leads, what happened that night between Jalen and Piper and what happened next. Follow Thayer’s story into the future, to find out if he gets the happily ever after he deserves.
And settle down for a cosy Christmas dinner with the entire cast, as they give Roman full control over the holiday.
There are two sides to every story. And sometimes the story doesn’t end on the last page.


Decadent, book 1 in the Decadent series, by Elaine White

Sometimes, to be happy, you must first…break out of the box.

Lachlan Meran is a high school student about to graduate and find his way in the world. He thinks his life is set on its course and all he has to do is make a few decisions to keep it on track. That is until a betrayal causes his life to take a different turn.

When his best friend Konnor is added to the equation, will Lachlan be forced to choose between his best friend and what could be the ultimate love of his life, his 1st boyfriend?


The Other Side, book 2 in the Decadent series, by Elaine White

Ignorance is bliss…the truth is terrifying.

It’s been three years since Konnor lost Lachlan as a best friend. They still don’t talk and Konnor has let his wild side out during college. Now, after three years at college, the six-month new student Grayson is his new best friend. Konnor is crazy about Grayson, while Grayson thinks he’s as straight as a ruler and only wants to stay friends.

But Konnor is determined: he won’t lose another best friend to his secrets. What will happen when Konnor tries playing dirty? Will Grayson fall for his direct, unashamed flirtations or will they prove to be too much for the straight-laced newbie?


Right Kind of Wrong, book 3 in the Decadent Series, by Elaine White.

Even bad boys can get their hearts broken.

Tam’s done everything he can to forget about Konnor and their disastrous relationship. His new boyfriend, Giovanni, has helped with that. But six months into their relationship, he discovers that he’s fallen into the same trap all over again.

Beaten, broken and falling to pieces emotionally, Tam wonders if there’s any point in going on. A pair of copper eyes and a gentle smile rescue him, in his darkest hour, giving him a ray of hope. But then he discovers that this beautiful boy is related to Grayson, the new boyfriend of his ex.

Finally finding ‘the one’ in an unusually compassionate stranger, what possible future can they have, when Tam knows that Konnor will do all in his power to keep him far from the Dashwood boy?


Underneath It All, book 4 in the Decadent Series, by Elaine White

Underneath it all, he just wants to be normal.

After being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Giovanni is having a hard time adjusting. Haunted by what he did to Tam two years ago, he’s sworn off having relationships, for fear of hurting someone else.

But when he meets feisty, fiery red-head Darren at a frat party, he indulges in the bad boy for one night. Except, Darren isn’t the bad boy rumours say he is and their one night stand doesn’t go to plan.

On paper, they could never work as a couple. But in the heat of the moment, they can’t keep away from each other. But with both hiding dark secrets from their past, can they move forward together, without releasing their demons? Or will an attempt at ‘normality’ reveal the harsh truth that, underneath it all, they just want to be loved?


Decadent: The Reunion, book 5 in the Decadent Series, by Elaine White

This reunion could be one to remember…for the wrong reasons.

What happens when everyone in the room is only six-degrees of separation from an ex-boyfriend, the guy who beat him up, his brother, his cousin, and his best friend? You have a reunion to remember…for the wrong reasons.

Bringing everyone together, at the urging of his therapist, seems like a bad idea. Especially when it means putting Grayson, Tam, Casen, Giovanni, and Lachlan in the same room. And, of course, they all had to bring their partners, husbands or boyfriends. How Levi and Mack got invited, Konnor can only imagine. It seemed like everyone was eager to witness the inevitable explosion. After all, bad feelings can only be buried for so long…


Decadent, Book 6: The Short Story Special, by Elaine White

Gay Couple Love Outdoors Concept

Friendships have a way of causing either disaster or romance for the boys of Decadent. Click explores the past and present of Monroe’s work relationship with Tyrone, and how a connection can form with even the most innocent of interactions. It can be hard to move past friendship into something more, something Jaime knows all too well when he asks Jean to Hold My Hand. It takes strength for Eddy to push past their work boundaries and beg Rhett to Leave Him for Me. In the final story, What Never Was, Lachlan offers Konnor a gift that might just heal old wounds, and reveal what might have been for him and Tam.

TRIGGERS: This book contains mentions of mental health, and past child abuse, domestic violence and suicide, none of which is explored on-page or in detail.


A Royal Craving, Book 1 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

A prophesy. A King. A peasant.

Poor and deaf, Spencer struggles to live in a new world. In search of hope, aged just thirteen, he defies the city and his parents, to visit the prophetess. After promises of a struggle between a path to death and a path to love, he’s left with a token of the risk he took.
Five years later, Spencer chooses a path that leads him straight into Prosper’s arms. Disfigured, the vampire King sees himself as nothing but a monster to haunt Spencer’s nightmares.
Can a simple human bring Prosper out of the shadows and back into a world that desperately needs his guidance?


A Royal Promise, book 2 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

A dream. A wish. And a new fate.

An anthology of short stories, relating to characters from A Royal Craving.

Did you ever wonder what happened after Jaycob was born? Did you question how successful Prosper would be as the leader of an expanding kingdom?

Meet Wayward Son, Prosper’s uncle Henric, who was once a lover to Jael. Rejoin Parry and Davian in His Master’s Touch for a spot of wishful thinking and find out if Sienna can change in Kiss of the Hunter. Finally, spend some quality time with the Prince of the Manor, to find out if Spencer and Prosper can really have a Happily Ever After.


A Royal Miracle, book 3 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

A child. A miracle. A new destiny.

Miracles happen when they are least expected and most needed.

Now an adult and ready to take on the world, Jaycob has found himself at a crossroads. Full of loneliness, an eagerness to find love and abilities that no one else can understand, he feels alone in a world full of life mates.

Then he stumbles upon a street fight, during a late night walk, and a young man he nicknames Silent Boy flips his world upside down.

On his winter journey, Jaycob must separate himself from the helpless child he once was and become the adult he knows he can be.


A Royal Legacy: Part One, book 4 in The Royal Series, by Elaine White

The Royal Series 4- A Royal Legacy, Part 1

The beginning of the end.

All legacies have a beginning; a place where they lie, buried beneath the surface until just the right person stumbles upon them. And all legacies lie in wait for that discovery. Waiting for the perfect alignment of who, where, when, and why.

As the Rossier family prepare to celebrate the marriage of Jaycob and Averie, family history will be challenged, secrets will be unveiled, and a future none could have imagined awaits them on the other side…if they can survive that long.


The One That Got Away, by Elaine White

Can Bradley finally capture the one that got away?

Bradley Coates was nothing more than an eighteen year old with an ego. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do and get away with. Then he went after loser geek Rory: the only guy who could ever be the sub to his dom. Not that he knew what that really involved, back then.

Twelve years later, an accidental meeting brings them back into each others orbit. Things didn’t end well before. Can they end well now? If one night is all they have, how can there be anything wrong with making the most of it?

But their chance meeting will drag the old demons out of the closet and force Bradley and Rory to face some harsh realities they’d rather not face.

Can Bradley finally capture the one that got away?


Never Let Me Go, by Elaine White

Never Let Me Go

We were everything to each other, once. Now we’re basically strangers. The most I get from Bradley, as we pass in the hall, is a glare or a shove against the lockers.

The problem is that I don’t mind.

I’d do anything, be anything and give anything, to be with him. Even if he is arrogant, crass, and the sexiest man in school. He’s also dominant. Over me. Only me. And I love it.

I was waiting for graduation. Until we’d left school and the constant rules, the judgments and gossip. I was waiting until I had the guts to ask Bradley to be my Dom for real. Forever.

I just never expected him to make the first move.


Deal With the Devil, Cacodemon Book 1, by Elaine White

Created by a demon, can Perry bring out the angel within?

Rocker Peregrine is shocked when stunningly attractive fan, Cade, reveals he is actually a Cacodemon, a collector of souls and a warrior for Lucifer.

Designed to his preference, Perry is Cade’s idea of human perfection. Consumed by the chemistry between them, Perry doesn’t question his fate, until he finds himself being the rope in a game of tug of war.

Lucifer wants him. Cade has him. And God is silent, when he begs for guidance. Perry is on his own in a fight for his life. But how much darkness can you stomach before it gets too much? Will his only way out be to make a deal with the devil?


Eyes on the Angel, Cacodemon Book 2, by Elaine White

Being a parent isn’t easy. Not even for the supernatural.

After becoming an Angel, Perry is having a difficult time adjusting. Seeking help, they stumble upon another Angel, Skye, who needs some divine intervention of his own.

Suddenly landed with two human teenagers, Perry’s paternal instincts kick in unexpectedly. It doesn’t help when Lucifer begins interfering and claiming rights that don’t belong to him.

With only one ally – a Demon wishing to court Darrick – a reporter, a dying Angel and two healthy Angels, it will take a miracle to get them through this new struggle in one piece. No one ever said that becoming a parent was easy. Not even for the supernatural.

When a group of Demons close in, looking to claim the boys, Perry keeps his eyes on the Angel. And he’s prepared to do anything it takes to keep the boys safe. Even if it means making another deal with the Devil.


Lead Me Into the Light, Cacodemon Book 3, by Elaine White

If only Lucifer would get out of his head.

With the boys relatively settled and accepting of the Angels in their lives, Perry decides it’s time to search for a real home. A base of operations for the Angels and a place that will keep the boys protected.

Skye continues to refuse help, while Wesley and Dwain are bombarded with memories of old lives. Amongst the house hunting and searching for a gypsy woman – the only person who can cure Perry – things aren’t exactly going to plan.

Will they ever?


The Bright Side Brigade, by Elaine White

The Bright Side Brigade

In a zero tolerance school, the only weapons are hope, friendship, and love.

It all begins at the carnival…

A chain reaction of hope begins to build, giving one boy the courage to confess his feelings and another to make a wish on a wishing machine. By the time the carnival is over, fate will take a hand in the future of a group of young men who fight fear, bullies, their own insecurities, and events that could change the course of their lives forever.

Banding together, they create The Bright Side Brigade, an LGBT support group to fight the hidden crimes of a zero tolerance school.

Their weapons?

Hope. Friendship. And love.

Warning: this book contains themes of bullying, homophobia, and suicide.


Following Orders, by Elaine White

Can Christian follow orders…or will Duncan prove too hard to resist?

Christian Stone grew up on the streets. Tough, independent and loyal, he’s worked hard to be indispensable to investment banker Bobby Colquhoun. Bobby saved his life, by getting him off the streets, now Christian repays the favour every day of his life, by being his personal bodyguard.

Duncan Colquhoun is a typical playboy; rich, entitled, playing up the bad boy image. He’s made being gay popular and acceptable, but even that’s not enough to convince Christian to go through with his newest assignment.

A closet asexual, can Christian play gay for more than just the night, when the only secure job he’s ever had is put on the line? Can he be Duncan’s secret bodyguard, without spilling the secret of his own life? And what happens when his undercover identity starts looking like his biggest closeted secret, that he’s kept even from himself?


The Trade, by Elaine White

Will the trade he agrees to, be the only trade he makes?

Competitive swimmer, Rockford Owens is told he has one chance to pass English Lit, before his failure puts his sports scholarship at risk. With limited time – due to studying, swimming and his social life – finding a tutor is harder than it seems.

Until he turns to the last resort: Liam Monroe.

Out-and-proud, and his only gay friend, Liam is flirty but never pushy with his very obvious feelings for Rock. But when Rock turns to Liam for help, he has a price for his time and tutoring skills: Rock must challenge his preconceptions, to see past Liam’s sexuality. And Rock figures it’s not asking too much.

Until their secret friendship and a long hidden need to be loved makes Rock begin to question everything. At risk to his current friendships, his sports scholarship and even his academic career, Rock must try to use their limited study time to figure out where they stand with each other.

Can they be friends, out in the open, or is their friendship the start of a much deeper trade…of one heart for another?


Forged in Fire, by Elaine White

They were forged in fire, but can they survive the flames?

For generations, Arash’s Iranian family have fought in the British army. He’s been raised to have honour, pride and follow orders.

Already a couple when Arash joined the army in the 70’s, Innes began a life of worry, fear and loneliness that lasted twenty years. With a heart condition, it’s not been an easy life.

Now, just when Arash is set to retire, he goes missing on a last minute mission. Innes’ entire life is put into question and his relationship hangs in the balance. Can they have their peaceful retirement after all or will Arash’s last mission be the end of everything?


The Chosen

Black Magic Anthology

Charity Anthology for Meals on Wheels

On the first good date in a long time, River’s night is rocked by an upheaval of mass proportions. What begins as a suspected earthquake is revealed as the world tearing open, allowing access to a whole new world.

As the rift between paranormal and human worlds fall, River is outed as a werewolf and thrust into chaos. When a demon-like creature, Vanos, begins appearing everywhere, his inner wolf recognises the threat immediately.

But what can he do when the world has gone to Hell?


A Heart That Cannot Beat

Part of the ‘Novel Hearts’ Anthology

Write More Publications Valentine’s Day anthology, featuring these authors: Rebecca Boucher, Molly Bryant, Stephanie Greenhalgh, Theresa Oliver, Jennifer Paquette, Amber White, Elaine White and J.S. Wilsoncroft.

Authors tell stories every day. Oftentimes, our characters come alive, taking on personas of their own. Our characters live not only on the pages of our books, but within the pages of our hearts, as well. We decided that we wanted to create stories to share the characters of our books with our readers, as we just couldn’t let them go. All of the books within which these characters reside are published by or coming soon from Write More Publications, unless otherwise stated. The stories that you will read within these pages are from many genres—fantasy, paranormal, romance and horror—creating a Valentine’s Day anthology that steps out of the box. We hope you enjoy reading … Novel Hearts.


Broken Dreams

Part of the ‘Love Bites’ Anthology

Ten fabulous stories of paranormal romance by ten skilled authors, showing us that sometimes … Love Bites. Write More Publications New Adult Paranormal Romance Anthology, featuring these authors: Elaine White, Kim Stevens, Theresa Oliver, Dana Piazzi, Stephanie Parke, Vanessa Hancock, Ashlea Burns, Susan Burdorf, Becca Boucher, and Monica Blanton.


Preacher’s Son

Strength Anthology

Part of the ‘Strength’ Anthology


All You Need is Love

All you Need is Love

Part of the ‘All You Need Is Love’ Anthology

All You Need Is Love…and books!

Ten talented authors have come together to present a charity anthology benefiting the Human Rights Campaign. With stories ranging from hot and spicy, to sweet romance, join us, and show the world that “All You Need Is Love.”
Surrender your emotions to the MM authors of Encompass Ink.


Khloe and the Seven Dorks, by Elaine White

Which of the seven dorks will win Khloe’s heart?

From princesses and princes, to witches, ice queens, imaginary friends, and dorks, Happily Ever After: The Write More Publications Fractured Fairy Tale Anthology has it all! Seven unforgettable stories by seven talented authors! Some stories are fractured takes on classics, while others are originals that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page!

Featured Authors: Dana Piazzi, Jordan Hancock, Kim Stevens, Elaine White, Vanessa Hancock, Michelle Feury, and Stephanie Parke.