Here, you’ll find a list of my most current works in progress. These are the ones going through current renovations, rewrites or gaining new chapters. They change periodically, according to renewed inspiration, whims and an urge to complete what has already been started. Be sure to check back regularly for changes.

NOTE: All covers are made entirely by me, for inspiration only, but may be used as promotional material in the future. All blurbs and titles are subject to change.


Paper Love

Rocco had learned three lessons in his life:

  • sometimes, living took more courage than dying
  • even nice people could be evil, given the right reasons
  • and, sometimes the right reasons were simply that he was different.

Being deaf in a hearing world, trapped in foster care, and almost at the age of matriculation, meant Rocco was coming ever closer to finding out how cruel the world could really be. He wasn’t ignorant or slow, like some of his foster parents had assumed. He knew that it was going to be tough out there. He knew that he had little chance of survival on his own. But if there was one thing Rocco had always been, it was a fighter.

But another lesson he’d learned in his seventeen years was that fighting didn’t mean victory. And some fighting every day of his life was exhausting.

Just as Rocco gives up hope on ever knowing what love, family, and hope is, someone walks into his life and offers him everything he could ever want. Faithfully. Without condition. All Rocco has to do is reach out and accept it.



I am not a victim.

Waking up in a bunker, strapped to a slab, with no memories and under the watchful eye of Kinsey – a self proclaimed assassin – might suggest otherwise.

I might not have any memories who I am or what my name is;

I might have to rely on him for the basics of shelter and food;

I might seem the perfect target for a predator, or to be victimised;

but there’s one thing Kinsey doesn’t know about me…I’ve been in tougher spots before.

As soon as my memories start coming back, I’m turning the tables. Because I’m willing to do anything to get off this island.



Eternal Silence (1)

Plagued by dreams of an unfamiliar manor and a life of finery well out of his reach, Caspar is haunted by images of death, mayhem and darkness.

Life as a servant is much more peaceful. Familiar. Comfortable.

Until two men arrive at his place of work and inform him that his life is not as it seems. Not the only child of a maid to the village doctor, he’s informed that he is actually from the aristocracy. And has a twin brother who desperately needs his help.

The Earl of Sumer Snow is being haunted by insanity and they need Caspar to take his place. The job is temporary. Just long enough for Caspar to prove to the lawyers and his degenerate uncle that the Earl is capable and sane, while he undergoes private treatment.

But when Caspar discovers that there’s a supernatural element to the insanity, he has a choice to make – reveal the truth and return the Earl to his rightful place…or take advantage of a golden opportunity.


Feral Hearts 1

During a routine search for a missing boy, about to reach a critical stage of his magical development, Vesper is stunned to discover the scent of his mate. Something he’s been born to recognise. But finding the scent and claiming his mate are two different things. Especially when his mate proves to be everything he’s ever wanted – a hot geek with glasses and an attitude, who bakes pastries.

When you’re a witch, attached to a cluster of red widow spiders, it’s best to be careful what you wish for. Because your dreams just might bite back.


The Way Home 1

As an archaeologist, Cooper has always hoped to find something miraculous. Something that would leave his name in the history books, long after he’s gone. He never expected to be diagnosed with a rare terminal disease before he’s even turned forty.

His luck holds just long enough for him to discover a tomb in Egypt – the potential legacy he’s always wanted. But his condition will put his discovery in jeopardy.

A cascade of events – a stumble, a fall, and a secret doorway – leave Cooper with a mystery. An undiscovered tomb containing a clockwork mechanism far too advanced for any Ancient Egyptian tomb…and far more advanced than anything from the modern word.

As an archaeologist, it’s Cooper’s passion to solve mysteries…but this mystery may just leave him fighting for his life, as he’s thrust into an alternative world that is nothing like anything he has ever known before.

Pitting academia against instinct, Cooper must find his way through this new world…and pray that he can return to his own, in one piece.


Angelicae 0.5

Declan never expected to be courted by an angel. Never mind the infamous Caelethius. Being dragged into a world of angels, demons and cults, it was to be expected that he’d get to meet one of them, one day, but to discover that they’ve been watching him is a shock. To find out one of them needs his help is…well, it’s just plain weird.

A chance meeting, an online chat room, and a historical book all come together to change Declan’s life…only time will tell whether it’s for the best or if it’s just another nightmare come true.



Who needs enemies when you have a brother?

Leigh’s life has been one shit-storm after another. His wife has just left him, taking his house and everything he owned with her. Leaving him a pitiful wreck, lonely, abandoned, and completely out of his depth.

Every instinct tells him that attending a Halloween party with his brother is a bad idea. Every instincts tells him that waking up to a French maid, the next morning, is too good to be true and probably a huge mistake.

But where are his so-reliable instincts when he finds something he never expected to, underneath that tantalising outfit?

When his French maid proves to be more of a French male, the time for running is long gone. It’s time to face the demons of his past, and hope to hell that he comes out unscathed.