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Share-It Sunday: Self-Care for Authors

Regular viewers of the blog will know that I’m a disabled adult with numerous medical issues. Because of that, I’m on a lot of medication and am constantly having to change my schedule to suit my health needs. Christmas 2018 was really bad, for me. My doctor took me off a half dozen seemingly innocuous… Continue reading Share-It Sunday: Self-Care for Authors

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Fangirl Friday: Shifter U

Shifter U, by J. Leigh Bailey 💙💚🧡💜💛 Three reasons why… Shifters! And not just your typical wolves or bears. Here, you’ve got some interesting, original creatures, with some amazing abilities. the characters – a whole gamut of sassy, cocky, sophisticated, burly, gruff and sexy! There is a little bit of everything, for everyone. the series… Continue reading Fangirl Friday: Shifter U

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WIP Spotlight: The Way Home

I’ve been scrolling through my current Works in Progress, to see what I might be able to share with you. The Way Home has gone through quite a few reincarnations. First, it began as Friends & Enemies – a contemporary story about a street gang turned good. Then it became a short story homage to… Continue reading WIP Spotlight: The Way Home

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#TFT: Character Critiques: Spencer and Prosper

With my A-Z complete, the new #TransformationThursday (#TFT) will become a Character Critique, covering one couple per post. I’ll only be sharing information from the first story the couple appear in, in hopes of avoiding spoilers for those who haven’t ventured into the book yet. But please note that it will be impossible to avoid… Continue reading #TFT: Character Critiques: Spencer and Prosper

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Share-It Sunday: Colour Thesaurus

Original post: Bored Panda Writer Creates “Color Thesaurus” To Help You Correctly Name Any Color Imaginable Julija NėjėBoredPanda staff Ingrid Sundberg, a writer and children’s book illustrator, created a very useful infographic chart for anyone struggling with color names. The writer says that she loves to collect words that can help give her stories variety… Continue reading Share-It Sunday: Colour Thesaurus

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Fangirl Friday: Honeythorn

Honeythorn, by Marina Vivancos 💙💚🧡💜💛 Three reasons why… all my favourite tropes: arranged marriage, steampunk, May/Dec, historical, and inter-racial marriage. the characters – I fell in love with Milan, the MC, immediately. It took me a while to warm up to Raphael, but I loved the progression of his character, and how well they functioned… Continue reading Fangirl Friday: Honeythorn