This is where you will find direct links to features that have been done across the internet, on me or my books. Most of the book features so far are for ‘Runaway Girl’, but I will be adding new features as they crop up for my other books.


Examiner.com – My very 1st Interview!

PC Zick’s Blog – Writing Whims

Write More Publications

Author Interviews

Review Spots:

Runaway Girl:

Kay LaLone

Stephanie Keyes

Uncorked Thoughts

My Life With Boys and Books

Tome Tender

Blogs About Writing

Allonym Books

Hope and Love Anthology:

Carly’s Book Reviews

Laquette Likes


Inked Rainbow Reads

Evermore Books

A Royal Miracle:


Divine Magazine


Runaway Girl:

Kristen Hope Mazzola – Runaway Girl

Amy Mah Vampire – Runaway Girl

Rosanna Leo’s Room – Runaway Girl

Ch’kara SilverWolf – Runaway Girl


Author Candy O’Donnell – Decadent

Being Author – Decadent

Hope and Love Anthology:

Queer Town Abbey – Hope and Love Anthology

Read Between the Lines – Hope and Love Anthology

Andrew Grey Books – Hope and Love Anthology

M. LeAnne Phoenix – Hope and Love Anthology


Wattpad 2014 Awards – An Unpredictable Life

Write More Publications


Excerpt – WMP


Encompass Ink

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