This is where you will find direct links to all the reviews I will do in 2015. They are listed as the most recent first. Anything marked (R2R) is a book that I was given by the author/publisher in return for an honest review.

Coming 2016

For Mac – Brynn Stein (R2R)

What No One Else Can Hear – Brynn Stein

Ray of Sunlight – Brynn Stein

Snowed In – Teodora Kostova

and more…


Haunted – Brynn Stein

Lifeline – Brynn Stein (R2R)

The Chadash Chronicles Omnibus – David G. Johnson (R2R)


Crossroads (Eternally Yours #2) – Sophie Slade (R2R)


Close Protection – Cordelia Kingsbridge

Homerun Series – Sloan Johnson (R2R)

Book 1 – Wild Pitch

Book 2 – Curveball

Book 3 – Triple Play


Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius – Wulf Francu Godgluck


Blood in Snow (The Riddle in Stone #3) – Robert Evert


Betrayal in the Highlands (The Riddle in Stone #2) – Robert Evert

Blue Ruin Series – Katrina Strauss

1.  Some Kind of Stranger, 2. Close to Me, 3. Chains of Love, 4. Need You Tonight and 5. Only You

Boys of the Fatherless – David C. Riggins (R2R)


A Secret to Keep – Railyn Stone (R2R)


Short Story Reviews #5

Touched by a Vampire – Sophie Slade

Cora’s Choice – V.M. Black


The Chronicles of the Secret Prince – M.J. Bell (R2R)

1. Before the Full Moon Rises and 2. Once Upon a Darker Time

James Potter Series – G. Normal Lippert

Guardian of Souls – Lee Appleby (R2R)

Farseer Trilogy – Robin Hobb

M.A.S.H – Richard Hooker

You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) – Jeff Goins

Short Story Reviews #4


The Journeyman: The Commons #1 – Michael Alan Peck (R2R)

Cornelius Quaint Chronicles – Darren Craske

Kiss of the Spider Woman – Manuel Puig

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