This is where you will find direct links to all the reviews I will do in 2014. They are listed as the most recent first. Anything marked (R2R) is a book that I was given by the author/publisher in return for an honest review.


The Elders and Welders Chronicles Books 1 and 2 – Margaret Foxe (R2R)


Laika in Lisan – Maron Anrow (R2R)

Short Story Reviews #3

Payrn’s Gold (The Chaddash Chronicles #3) – David G. Johnson (R2R)

The Dream Keeper Chronicles (Books 1-3) – Mikey Brooks (R2R)


Equilibrium – Evie Woolmore (R2R)

Drams – J.M. Morgan (R2R)

The Belief in Angels – J. Dylan Yates (R2R)

As Snow Falls – Elle Klass


The Overseers – The Library of Illumination #6 – C.A. Pack (R2R)

JoJo’s Amazing Adventure – John Robinson (R2R)

Short Story Reviews #2

Time To Let Go – Christoph Fischer (R2R)


Short Story Reviews #1

The Gifted Realm Series (Books 1-4) – Jillian Gillis (R2R)


The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky – David Litwick (R2R)

Amsterdam Assassin Books 0.1 and 1 – Martyn V. Halm (R2R)


The Library of Illumination Chronicles – C.A. Pack (R2R)

Four Pieces for Power – Marc Estes (R2R)

Dark Indiscretions #2: Monster Unleashed – Shakuita Johnson (R2R)


Dark Indiscretions – Shakuita Johnson (R2R)

Mystic’s Mayhem – David G. Johnson (R2R)

Eternal Curse – Toi Thomas (R2R)

Dante’s Eternity – Martin Kaynan (R2R)


Fool’s Errand – David G. Johnson (R2R)

You and Me, Against the World – Raymond Esposito (R2R)


Hunting the Moon – Becca Boucher

Trifecta – Kim Carmichael (R2R)

Quantum Assault – Réal Laplaine (R2R)

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