2014 – Part 1

Made Me Snort


Review: I giggled, snorted and had to hold my hand over my mouth at 2am for this one. If I could give it a 10, I would. It’s that good. Trust me. Laugh-out-loud, cringe-worthy, but somehow stunningly cute too.

Favourite Quote: “The first time I ever jacked off I sprayed my bedroom wall until it was dripping. I accidentally nailed my dog in the face, and she never looked at me the same way…

This book was soooo funny that I will never be able to look at a Pringle can the same way again. I’m serious. Read it. Love it. Then come back and tell me how you snorted coke all over your room out your nose because you laughed so hard. I dare you!

Best Christian Inspired


Review : First off, let me start by saying this book is something special. I don’t say that often, but there is something un-pinpoint-able and undefined that is wholly beautiful, endearing and magical about this book and the story. I’m going to lay this at the author’s feet. If this author bring out another book, you can bet I’ll snap it up as soon as it’s in print, because I can tell from this one alone that me and David’s books are going to be lifelong friends.

The ending is, in one word, perfect. I couldn’t imagine a better ending. Not everything is wrapped up in bright red ribbon, wrapped up for convenience and a nice tidy finish. But we get the story we want and asked for when we opened the book. And that’s pretty perfect to me.

I’m not really sure if this story is inspired by Christianity, but it definitely comes across that way and although I’m not a religious person, I tend to read quite a few fantasy novels inspired by religion.

Made Me Think


Review : I loved this book. I think the characters are unique, with amazing depth and capacity and their relationship with the other characters is so involved and key to the progression of the story. It really is a joy to read this book. Around every corner (or every page) is a secret that we have to wait to discover with great anticipation. I think there’s a character in this book for everyone, no matter what their religion or the journey they’re on.

Made Me Cry


Review : This story hit me where it hurt. It kept me up all night, made me cry and had my head spinning from the onset of emotions. Kaje Harper is fast becoming my all time favourite MM author. The issues dealt with in this story are heart-wrenching and, sadly, things that do happen in real life. They were explored with delicacy and as little detail as possible to get the point across.

Favourite Quote :  “Just go. No long goodbyes. We can’t make love better than that last round. Hold me tonight, and in the morning just get up and get dressed and go. Don’t call, don’t write. Don’t come back. Make me proud.”
He was crying softly against my neck when he said, “Okay.” It was the last thing he said to me.

I chose this quote because it is perhaps the most beautiful part of this story. I’m crying right now, almost two months after reading it, just because of this quote. This story really, truly broke my heart. Let me just say this – DO NOT judge this book by the cover. This cover doesn’t even begin to explain the complex heart-wrenching moments of this story. They are what I loved so much.

Best Action


Review : The entire story is believable, clever and full of intrigue. You can tell the author has experienced similar situations as Keeno from the careful attention to detail that reads easily and naturally, as the flow of the story. Overall, I look forward to reading more of this writer, especially if that entails more Keeno McCole stories.


Best Zombie


Review : I loved this book. It was so much better than Warm Bodies – more realistic, more exciting and much more heartbreaking. All the characters made sense and they were pivotal to the way the story progressed. There wasn’t anyone who was surplus, neither was anything inside the story that seemed ridiculous, wrong or stupid. Everything was perfect. I even loved the ‘vision’ style instances and the dreams. I think it made a whole lot of sense, considering everything else in the story.


Best Shorts


Review : I reviewed all books individually, but here’s my favourite : I’m loving the author’s style of writing and the arc of the stories. This short is no different. The geeks are back in full hotness and there’s even a fun ‘kidnapping’ to get things started. I love the way Whit is so shy in himself, but so outrageous in the game. – From ‘Dirty Play’.

Favourite Quote : “When the officer approached the window, he said ‘Papers’ and before he could finish, I shouted, ‘Scissors! I win,’ and drove off.”  – From ‘Dirty Cop’.


Best Series


Review : I adored this book. This is my favourite Kaje Harper story so far, and that’s saying a lot. I’ve loved everything I’ve read until now. This one made me laugh, snort, cry, smile…all the embarrassing little things. Snorting in the middle of the night and hoping someone thinks you’re snoring. Choking on a drink because you can’t laugh and swallow at the same time. Unable to read the next line because your eyes are welling up and the writing is jumping all over the place.

Favourite Quote : “because if something happened to Mac, no one would call him. No one knew about them. He would only find out when Mac failed to come home, and there was a story on the news about police officer shot.” – From ‘And to All A Good Night’ (#1.5)

There were so many things about this series that I loved, especially quotes, but I chose this one because I had to just pick one and this one still has me welling up after months.


Best Menage


Review : This book had me smiling from beginning to end. The important thing I want to get across here is that this book isn’t about sex. Yes, there are numerous threesomes throughout the story, some very hot and sexy scenes even, but the entire point of the story is that sex isn’t always the answer. It is never the be-all and end-all of a relationship, unless the people in that relationship choose to make it so. I think you can all tell by now that I’ve fallen in love with this book and it’s characters. READ THE BOOK! Seriously. I really…beg you…read it and then come back and tell me I was wrong.


Best Comedy


Review : This book has to be read to be believed. It was a laugh a minute. Full of shock and awe tactics.

Best Children's Book


Review : Really beautiful, stunning book. The images were lovely, with nice detail and attention. The story had a beautiful way of teaching kids an important lesson in life, without making it feel that way. A book to enjoy no matter what your age.

Most Surprising


Review: One of the weirdest stories I’ve ever read. In a good way. I don’t think I’ll ever have to read this story again, because it’s one that will stick with me as being totally out there, but I think I might, just to see if, now that I know the ending, things read differently. It’s an intriguing pile of chaos, wrapped up in demonic influence, tied together with confusing sexual aggressiveness and a sprinkle of the hottest twins you have ever seen in your life (according to their description). I’m all a tangle of confusion with his book, but I’m not even sure that I mind.


Most Frustrating


Review : There are lots of clichés that drove me up the wall, description coming out of my ears until they were bleeding and lots of stupid things, and people, who made this book a not very nice experience. Without Mira, I could even have enjoyed it. But I’m sorry, I will NOT be reading the next instalment of this series. If I have to read another word of Mira, I think I’ll rip my eyes out.

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