2016 Goals

I normally leave my “Goal” posts for December, but I’m doing it early this year, just because I know what I want to do next year.


X – This hasn’t happened this year, because I’m tying up a few series that can’t have too much time between books without sales suffering. Next year is already scheduled for around 5 books, but may have 1-2 more to add later.

publish less. This might sound counter-productive, but I need a break from publishing non-stop (between the 2 publishers I’m with) to get some writing done. You might not realise how much work every book needs, while preparing for publication, but it’s a lot of mental work and it can take months just to prepare one book. Next year, I want to focus on my writing, to get books finished and work on projects that need extensive edits/re-writes or that haven’t been started yet.

✓ write more. This directly relates to the above. I have so many ideas that are nothing more than a sentence or a page worth of notes, some that are nearly 40 pages and will practically write themselves, but I just don’t have the time to get them completed. I want to get at least 3 new books finished next year.

✓ read more. I have so, so, so many paperbacks and about a hundred more Kindle books that are waiting to be read. The amount of money I’ve spent on books this year (between sales and books that I’m desperate to read) is ridiculous, especially compared to how many I’ve actually read. Zero. Because I’ve had to publish so many books so close together, it’s meant that all of my reading time has been spent reading my own books, between 10 and 12 times each, prior to publication. It’s exhausting, compared to how I would feel reading a new book for each of those 10-12 times.


X – This hasn’t happened this year, but is a priority for next year.

start with paperbacks. This is related to above. I want to start with the paperbacks that I’ve had for a few years, so far, without ever being cracked open. Once I’ve done that, I will know which of them are Keepers and which ones I can remove from my bookshelf, if I don’t like/enjoy them. That will make way for new books 😉

✓ buy more paperbacks. I know, I know. But, I’ve actually found that if you wait long enough, you can get some books as paperbacks for the same price as the Kindle book – or cheaper – just by being patient. I’ve also discovered that I sleep better and don’t feel so tired in the morning, if I’ve been reading a paperback book vs a Kindle book the night before. If I have paperbacks that just don’t appeal to me, or that I can replace with a Kindle book (if they’re okay, but not keepers) then I can make room for buying paperbacks of my favourite re-reads.

✓ get 100 books off my TBR list. This should be easy enough, since my average reading count for every year is 100 books. But, this goal doesn’t include re-reads or reading my own novels, which I always count (only after release day) because I have spent a ridiculous amount of time reading them.

✓ get a Diploma of Higher Education Open. This seems easy, because I’ve already completed all of the qualifications for it. BUT, I’ve spoken to numerous staff at the OU so far and it has still not been sorted properly, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be fixed by 2016.

✓ get a conservatory. This is something we’ve been planning all year, for the home. Paperwork etc all began in June and it should have been fitted already, but we’ve had some trouble with the drawings/building work and a drain in the back garden. It’s been a nightmare, but the delay has given us time and money to fix/replace the problems that have cropped up in the household, in that time (3 lamps broke, the hoover, the fridge/freezer and the hob have gone wonky) so maybe it’s been a blessing in disguise.


Well, that’s my ‘wish list’ or Goals for 2016. I generally have something left off from my lists, by the end of each year, but I’m hoping that next year will be different. Fingers crossed.

What are your goals for 2016?