2017 Goals

I normally leave my “Goal” posts for December, but I’m doing it early this year, just because I know what I want to do next year.



Find balance between publishing and writing. My goal for 2016 was to publish less, but it didn’t work out and with a few series on the go, it was stupid to think I could publish less. In 2017, I want to focus on my writing, to get books finished and work on projects that need extensive edits/re-writes or that haven’t been started yet. Specifically: to finish 7 books (Worship, A Wolf Without Faith, Evanders: A New Term 1, Some Beautiful Boy, Lost, Sanguine Eyes, The Tales of Talyn 2), and to start and finish 6 books (Shadow and Shade, Through the Fire, The Things He Couldn’t Say, By Appointment Only 3, Dalliance, Creatures of the Night).

Update: April 2017

Creatures of the Night is no longer one novel, but a series of 5 novels. Books 1: A Touch of Danger, 2: In the Moonlight and 3: Darkness in the Blood have been completed, making up 3 novels started and completed within 2017.


Read 50 paperback books from my bookshelf. I have a new collection amassing, but I’m constantly running out of room. If I can start reading the current paperbacks I have, then I can chuck out the ones I haven’t enjoyed and properly organise what is left to be kept.


Read 50 e-books from my TBR list that I’ve already bought. The same as above – my hard drive, Kindle, Amazon account and more are completely choked with e-books that, if I had time to read them, I could eliminate the ones I didn’t like and, again, reorganise the ones I do like. This would involve a mass attempt at reading the books on my storage devices and  one-by-one placing them into relevant folders either of 1-5 stars or Keep and Don’t Keep, then purging once I have a good amount dealt with. But that’s a decision to be made when I’m ready to do it.


To completely finish my Netgalley TBR list. I’m sorry to say that this is a really, really long list. About 100+ books. Mostly because every time I get the time to sit down and read one long book off the list, I’m given a change of deadline for something else and have to dedicate more time to that. Or, in the worst cases, I’m so exhausted from everything else I’m doing – editing, writing, reviewing – that I just can’t stomach another book just yet. I’m planning to set time aside so that for the one day off I take to write, I read a book at night rather than staying up at night to keep writing. Again, this is something to be decided later on, when I know my schedule better.


Well, that’s my ‘wish list’ or Goals for 2017. I generally have something left off from my lists, by the end of each year, but I’m hoping that next year will be different. Fingers crossed.

What are your goals for 2017?