2018 Goals

So, 2017 gave me a lot of time to get things done, but I still fell behind on a lot. I think this is logically because I just piled too much on my plate and a lot of personal, home life, stuff happened to make it harder.

I decided to defer my paperback list in October, so that I can focus on getting my Netgalley list up and on the move. I have so many books there that it’s just ridiculous and, every time I look at it, I feel guilty that I haven’t managed to complete them.

In 2018, things will be different.


Writing Goals

✎ I want to finish at least 5 books that are already halfway to the finish line.

✎ I want to write at least 5 books from scratch, based on the plot notes I prepared when I first came up with the idea.

✎ I also want to get a good 10 books edited for publication, because I have my schedule for 2018 completely booked and it’s time to think about what I’ll be releasing in 2019, getting them into shape and submitted.


Reading Goals

📚 I want to read at least 20 Agatha Christie paperbacks. I have them all, so it’s about time I actually sat down and read them in order.

📚 I also want to read at least 100 Netgalley books, though I’d love to double that number. However, I’ll maintain a reasonable 100, since that’s achievable.

📚 I plan to cut back on my Divine review list, only so that I can get more Netgalley books off my list, so I’ll keep this list to 50.

📚 Then, if I have time (which is a big if) I wouldn’t mind getting about 30 books off my TBR list. These are books that I paid good money to buy, but have never had time to sit down and read.

Total = 200 – which is less than the 250 I read in 2017, so perfectly achievable.