2014 Goals

I’ve made this a page, because it’s my way of keeping track of what I’m up to. And as I go along, I’ll tick off those I accomplish. Maybe it will help you remember your goals, to see this as a page, or just remind you about them.

For me, 2014 is all about change.

♥ Go the whole of 2014 without a major medical drama. ✔

♥ Finish: 2 Novels ✔

1 – #3 ✔ (MM Adult Romance)

2 – Esthim ✔ (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

3 – The 1st 6 Months ✔ (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

4 – The Trade ✔ (MM Adult Romance)

5 – Blood In, Blood Out ✔ (MM YA PNR)

6 – Khloe and the Seven Dorks ✔ (Romance – Fairytale Twist) Short Story

7 – To Serve You Well ✔ (MM Adult Romance)

8 – The Cellist ✔ (MM Adult Romance)

9 – Not Alone ✔ (MM YA PNR) Evander’s Short Story

10 – Visceral ✔ (MM YA Romance) Short Story

11 – My Book Boyfriend ✔ (MM YA Romance) Short Story

12 – Bromantic ✔ (MM YA Romance)

13 – The Other Side ✔ (Decadent #2) (MM Adult Romance)

14 – Faithfully – ✔ (MM YA Romance)

15 – Anonymous – ✔ (MM YA Romance)

16 – Right Kind of Wrong – ✔ (Decadent #3) (MM Adult Romance)

17 – Blink – ✔ (MM Adult Romance) Short Story

18 – Depth Over Distance – ✔ (MM Adult Romance)

19 – Go Hard or Go Home – ✔ (MM Adult Romance) Novella

20 – In Too Deep – ✔ (Decadent 3.5) (MM Adult Romance) Short Story

♥ Get my Wattpad followers up by 50.  ✔

♥ Get another 1000 followers on Twitter.  ✔

♥ To reach 100 likes on FB.  ✔

♥ Publish 1 book with the Publisher.  ✔

X Self-publish at least 1 book.

♥ Have a monthly Pay It Forward post on my blog (I’ve been lagging this year)

♥ Up my Goodreads Challenge to 100 books. – ✔

♥ Read all the books currently on my TBR list.

♥ Lose weight

What do you want to accomplish in 2014? Let me know.

Mid-Jan Update

I’ve already completed No 9 and surpassed No 5. My Facebook page is now sitting, amazingly at 564 Likes. I’ve also succeeded in getting halfway with No 4. No 1 is well on it’s way and I’ve just finished my first complete novel of 2014, so No 2 is looking good.


End of April Update

I’ve written way more books this year than I expected to. I’d like to edit my entire DCF series this year too, and get that completed. One story was already half started, but has turned into a trilogy, so we’ll see how that goes. My FB likes are now at 614, so I’ve well surpassed that goal. I’m also at 3,225 followers on Twitter, so that’s well over the goal as well. My Wattpad fans has also gone up recently to 135, though I suspect that during May it will soar even more, because I’m having a story featured by Wattpad on the 19th. I’m currently 40 books ahead on my Goodreads challenge, so I think 100 is well reachable. I’m not going to up the challenge though, I’ll just see how it goes by the end of the year and judge next year’s challenge on that number. I’ve also had one anthology published by WMP this year, and I have an expected four more books coming out this year, so I won’t bother with the self-publishing right now. My number 1 goal is going well – no major medical drama’s so far and we’re almost at the halfway mark. Touch wood it will continue this way.


Beginning of July Update

Well, I’ve surpassed the writing goal and my Twitter, FB and Wattpad followers goals. Twitter now sits pretty at 3,433 followers, my Facebook author page is now at a whopping 674 likes, while Wattpad has gone way, way up from 135 to 371, thanks to the feature they did for my story ‘An Unpredictable Life’.

I’m also ahead on my reading with 98 of 100 books already read for my Goodreads Challenge. I still have six more books to do reviews for this month, because I’m behind, so that will be well sorted before the end of the year. I’ve been on a bit of a reading break because of illness, so I look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

My weight is going up and down thanks to new meds, but since it’s nothing major I’m still counting on the first goal being complete before the end of the year. Fingers crossed. I’ve been diagnosed with a balance disorder, which makes reading nearly impossible at the moment because any sort of movement is making me feel nauseous and apparently small writing on my Kindle screen is just as bad because I feel like the words are moving. Go figure it would strike now, when I’m so busy. Other than that, everything is looking good. x

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